April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

April was essentially the same as March when it comes to the overall numbers.  Ads continued to rise, as we saw more than 13.2 billion ads last month, a new record that displaces the one just set the previous month.  The overall viewing and engagement scores stayed virtually the same, with some sites seeing slightly less action and some sites seeing slightly more.  Anyway, these ads are blowing up, and this is something we should see increase every month this year if all the reports are to be believed when it comes to ad buying.

April 2013 comScore Video Metrix

No change in the top 3 for this month as "Google Sites," Facebook, and VEVO all continue to take those positions.  There has been a shifting between the 4-6 sites, though:

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

Last month, Viacom was 5th, NDN was 6th, and Yahoo! was 4th.  They all have pretty much the same amount of unique viewers, but it looks like NDN (News Distribution Network) has a decided edge on the total minutes for viewer.  In fact, it's 2nd among all of these sites.  It has been 2nd for awhile, but something worth pointing out.  Nothing new hit the top 10 for unique viewers.

In the ad department:

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

The aforementioned NDN also makes an appearance in the top 10 of the viewed ads chart.  The total amount of ads increased by about 70,000, we saw about 100 more minutes of ads, and they now reach 52.6 percent of the audience.  These stats continue an incredible uptick from earlier in the year.

April 2013 comScore: Ads Continue to Explode

The top 5 saw no change.  Machinima continues to work their way down this list after being in the top 5 forever, but they are still far and away the kings of total overall engagement, as their videos are watched for more than an hour by each viewer.  No other network has that kind of stat.  The closest is Maker at nearly 50 minutes.  Still, whether it's a new way of assessing data at comScore, or some other reason, Machinima used to command about an hour and a half per viewer.

Coming out of nowhere this month is The Orchard.  They were 9th in January, 10th in February, MIA in March, and they earned 6th in April with over 23 million unique viewers.

I'm sure we're going to keep seeing the ad explosion over the course of the year.  That will be the biggest story coming out of these rankings in 2013.

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