On this week's Reel Web episode we review several news items in the online video world including the changes to YouTube's homepage, reasons why Apple is not providing YouTube app on their new IOS, legal responsibilities for using copy written material and much more.

Home Page Features on YouTube

As previously discussed, YouTube is rolling out a new home page to all its users.  One of the first things you’ll notice is that the thumbnail is now much larger than it used to be which is making that thumbnail way more important than it probably ever was before.  You also get more room for your description text and for your title.  Secondly, you can now click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of a video on your home feed and it gives you a couple of different options there, including the option to hide the activity and only show uploads from the channel you subscribe to.  Or it allows you to completely unsubscribe from that channel.

Another addition to the new home page layout is that after you’ve watched a video, it now makes it a little bit more transparent and grays out the thumbnail a little bit allowing you to know that you've watched it.  Finally, they’ve addressed the complaint that a lot of us have had about showing everything versus just showing highlights.  It used to be and still is that highlights is the default.  However, now if you go and switch it to everything, it will show everything and it will stay that way, it won’t just keep defaulting back to highlights.

YouTube to Provide a News Source

Citizen journalism is becoming huge on YouTube.  People just out and about see something happen; they record it on their phone; upload it to YouTube and it goes viral.  It seems to be a much more trustworthy source of news and information than some of the stuff that we get on broadcast television.  YouTube is working to find ways to harness that information by making a new channel that’s specifically designed just for investigative reporting and it’s called the iFiles.  Different media outlets and news networks will be collaborating together to provide a single source on this one channel instead of separating everything out all over the web.

YouTube App Excluded from New Apple IOS 6

Surprisingly, it appears that the YouTube app will no longer be included with Apple's new IOS version. All iPhones and iPads, will not come installed with YouTube app installed on them, like they always have been since the very, very beginning. There is a lot of speculation regarding why Apple has made this decision.

AdWeek Provides a Look at Emerging YouTube Tactics

A recent article from AdWeek entitled How to Win at YouTube covers some of the emerging tactics that are have been coming out of YouTube programming and it discusses what’s working and what’s not. A lot of the information is fairly common knowledge for individuals who have been heavily involved with provide content for some time, but it does provide confirmation that while content is great, engaging with your users and your viewers is even more important. There is some great information and case studies in the article that make it worthwhile to read.

Legal Responsibility Over Embedding Copyrighted Videos

Some answers have been cleared up regarding who is legally responsible for copy written clips that are reused without permission.  For example, is someone took a copyrighted clip that they did not have legal rights or permission to upload to YouTube, but they did it anyway and you then took that clip they uploaded and you embed it on your website, would you be legally liable and could you go to jail for sharing a copyrighted video?   The answer now is officially, no, you cannot go to jail and you would not get fined.  It does depend on whoever is hosting the video.  They are the ones responsible and in this case, in the scenario I just gave, that would be YouTube.  While this may seem like common sense, there has been a some controversy over who would be the responsible party.

QUESTION: Will Apple's exclusion of the YouTube app affect creators?

  • TheGuy TMed

    Great... Now I can't see the whole description in YouTube... It just shows ... where it gets cut off. And now I cant remove favorites... AND NOW THERE ARE FRICKIN ADS!!!!!! Google, you evil, evil company. Why do you have to torture everyone with this. It's like TF2. No direct upgrades. There are ALWAYS downsides. And you still can't unlike without disliking, undislike without liking, choose what you're flagging videos for, rate comments, flag them, and most importantly, YOU STILL CAN'T REPLY TO COMMENTS!!!!!! And many, many more F*CKING PROBLEMS WITH THE F*CKING NEW YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey Giangola

    I use it on apple TV, even if it leaves much to be desired, it's still better than nothing.

  • Grant Crowell

    When is Casey Abrams going to decide between ReelSEO and American Idol? Funny how he feels the need to put on his wig and sport a ginger-Afro on American Idol, yet here he shows a slim-trim look with a "Go Brewers" baseball cap. ;-)