ReelSEO isn't a gadget blog, but it's staffed with people who are quite familiar with gadgets.  The news of the iPad from Apple is everywhere, and I think it's a topic we can have some valid opinions on.

Background:  I'm no Apple fanboy. I have no particular problem with Apple, nor any unexplained gravitation toward their products.

Apple's latest creation—the iPad—has left me scratching my head.  Just what are they thinking here?  At ReelSEO, we don't get it at all.  It's as though they set out to solve a problem that didn't exist.

For all Steve Jobs' raving about how this product fills the gap between smart phones and laptops… I think that gap is there for a reason.  Let me explain.  Laptops are not able to make phone calls and they don't fit inside your pocket.  Enter the smart phone… which is a phone that fits in your pocket that also has the added bonus of allowing you to do some things online.  Anything in between those two things is going to have massive shortcomings on both ends.  It'll be the jack of all trades, but the master of none.

If I'm to believe Jobs, then there are millions of people out there who want a bigger version of the iPhone—minus the phone capabilities.  Ok.  Fine.  But then what does the iPad offer that a netbook doesn't?  The answer, of course, is that it offers Apps.

Let me take a minute and talk about apps.  I'm so freaking tired of hearing about apps as though they are something that didn't exist before the iPhone.  My Apple-fan coworker says that the iPad is revolutionary because it can download apps.  Which is a fancy way of saying that it can download software programs written by third parties—in other words… it's a computer.  Apps are just software.

Apps on a smart phone… that's something new-ish and cool.  Apps on a computer?  That's just… a computer.  Only instead of installing any software you want, from any source, you're handcuffed to the App Store.

Okay... with my "Apps" rant out of the way, let's dive in a bit into some more detail on the iPad.

The iPad and Video - Seriously?

Let's talk about the device (and its shortcomings) as it relates to what we do here:  online video.

There is no camera

Too bad, so sad.  No video or still shots will be taken by the iPad.  So you'll need a completely separate device in tandem with it in order to create and upload video—whereas I can shoot, edit, upload, and watch a video with just a single laptop (and most netbooks), and even an iPhone.

There is no Flash support

No support for Flash? Give me a break.  I know Flash is a battery hog, and that Apple has a long, sad history of leaving Flash support off their mobile devices.  But the fact of the matter is that Flash is everywhere online—tons of video players are built on Flash.  Millions of websites are using Flash. No matter how badly Apple may want to kill Flash altogether… that transition will take years. So how will you use the iPad to watch YouTube videos?  Well, thankfully, they have an app for that. Awesome.

The aspect ratio is screwy

It's 4:3… you know… like the TV you finally gave up on five years ago in favor of a widescreen.  There will be so much black watching video with the iPad that you'll have letterbox-flashbacks.  And 1080p is a flat-out mathematical impossibility on this display.  Bummer.

Another problem for video fans?  This is only a screen.

It's not a traditional "clamshell”-style computer… that's kind of the point.  So using the thing is going to be wonky as all get out.  Do I have to set it flat on my lap?  I will if I need to type… but then I won't be able to see the screen I'm typing on.  And as this article points out… you would have to hold the screen perpendicular to the floor for 2 hours in order to watch a movie—either that or you can fashion a makeshift stand out of your couch pillows.  I definitely don't want to crane my neck down to my lap to watch videos.   Of course, Apple is also releasing a docking station accessory to solve this problem, which will cost you another $100 or so.

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More General Complaints

Lastly, some general thoughts that aren't specific to video:

  • I'm not sure I want a computer that has zero USB ports.  There are just too many things USB is useful for.  Oh, but Apple is willing to sell me a special adapter thingy that will then allow me to use USB.
  • I am definitely not ready to type exclusively on a touch screen.  I have no idea how everyone else uses the Internet… but for me, there is a lot of typing involved.  Blogging, typing URLs, sending email, instant messaging, searching Google… the list of things I use a computer for all involve some measure of typing.  Call me a cynic if I'm not ready to just believe Jobs when he says that typing on the iPad is super easy.  Heck, call me a flat-out conspiracy theorist.  But hey… they're selling an add-on keyboard accessory for people that do a lot of typing.  Swell.


If the iPad is going to be useful to me, I'll need to buy a camera, a docking station, the keyboard, the USB or SD card adapters—heck, by the time I buy and hook up all that stuff, I'll be as mobile as the Statue of Liberty.  It might as well be a desktop computer at that point.  This device is supposed to free me, not tether me to a hundred accessories.  "Buy our screen-only tablet, and then buy all the other accessories you need to make it actually function like a real computer.”  Sheesh.

Look… I'm a video junkie.  I write about it, I watch a lot of it, and I even make videos from time to time.  I love movies and TV shows, and watch more than 50% of my entertainment content on the computer… a nice, widescreen laptop.  I can't see a single use for this new Apple device in my life.

Apple would tell me that I don't understand the device.  That they're trying to create something new… and it might take a while to train the public on how to use the iPad.  I say that's just lazy spin.  It's as though Apple has created a product no one needed, only to then suggest we are just too stupid to realize we need it.  Heck, it might even work.  Millions of people bought the Apple TV, didn't they?

Look… they've more than earned the right to release any crazy devices they want.  They can come out with a touchscreen toaster that plays MP3s while your bread burns… and I wouldn't cry about it.  But that doesn't mean someone's going to buy it.  I will be very, very curious to see the sales figures on the iPad come this time next year.  Sure, there will be a lot of early adopters among the Mac faithful.  But for video fans like those of us here at ReelSEO—and our readers—it's borderline useless.  At best, it's fraught with so many shortcomings and add-ons that it's just not cost-effective.

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    yeah, I completely agree with your views, as is known to everyone, with the growing number of ipad owners, ipad is becoming more and more popular all over the world! it is already a trend!

  • Rent a Car

    I really want one, but I think I'm going to wait a generation or 2. I think it really needs a keyboard that you can plug in(hopefully in a clamshell type design like a netbook), I don't mind if Apple makes it or a third party, but I want one

  • Electronic Cigarette

    I really want one, but I think I'm going to wait a generation or 2. I think it really needs a keyboard that you can plug in(hopefully in a clamshell type design like a netbook), I don't mind if Apple makes it or a third party, but I want one.

  • videoconverterforipad

    right, for ipad users, it is only a screen. So ipad users had to use video to ipad converter to convert their video to ipad.

  • Grady Haynes

    lulz to this article. That is all.

  • Thomas_aanderson

    I sold my iPad as a new motorcycle was more important to me...

    but, you're just another Apple hater, and an idiot that is biased. You're review sucks and it's old news...

    The iPad has a market, just not for tweakers that think they understand demographics. You better find some of that stuff Apple is smoking, you need it.

    • Mark Robertson

      guess you arent a reader.

  • Skip

    I just found this article a few months after the device was released and we have all seen the numbers so perhaps I benefit from hindsight. It made me laugh how wrong you were. Might be time to look for a new career, althought "viral marketing consulting firm" sounds like a bit of a joke. Anyone who follows tech should know that wether or not YOU want one, if Steve Jobs made it, people will buy it.

    • Mark Robertson

      You apple fan boys are unbelievable. How about actually reading the post
      instead of commenting when you have no idea what we said. Nice email

  • Sap R3

    The point is, if you post your comment here then you would not buy an iPad. The people who do not want to touch computers and keyboards will not post comments here, and these people easily make up 99.9999999% of the world population, would you agree?

    For the longest time since I was a teenager I had heard the magic term called 'User Friendly'. In the iPad I finally understand what that term means. It's small wonder why Steve calls iPad magical.

    There's no app-running device in the whole wide world that can be as 'User-Friendly' as the iPad.

    No way.

    Frankly, I'm amazed at how long it took the world to finally fulfill the promise of being simply 'User-Friendly'.

    Thanks. Apple. Now if only the iPad can remain simple enough for the people who will finally use any kind of app-running devices, then I see absolutely no reason why Apple cannot sell 6.9 Billion units of iPad. After all, didn't I say 99.9999999% of all people do not post comments on blogs?

    • Mark Robertson

      Id agree but 2 things that most comments like this are clearly missing from
      our post. 1) This is about the ipad and it's video functionality (or lack
      there-of) and 2) Have you guys ever tried the ipod touch or iphone? They
      are also great devices and do exactly the same things. I do agree with you
      with regard to the UI. I could see my grandma using one of these where she
      doesnt want to learn the computer. That being said, I just asked her and
      she wants nothing to do with anything electronic, soo.... ;-)

      Anyways, thanks for the comment.

  • smallfolk

    Hah! I guess the huge popularity and usefulness of this have proven this article to be silly, huh? LOL. Love this quote:

    "I will be very, very curious to see the sales figures on the iPad come this time next year. Sure, there will be a lot of early adopters among the Mac faithful. But if you think this device will have the reach into non-Apple customers like the iPhone or the iPod did… you’re crazy."


  • Frlane

    I didn't get the iPad at first either.....until I tried it. This thing is great for a couple of reasons.

    1. It is smaller and easier to carry around than a notebook (or a netbook for that matter), and is far nicer to use than a netbook. If there is a market for the netbooks, it will go to the iPad for the simple reason that it is better at doing the things that a netbook is supposed to be for, namely internet, portability, etc.

    2. in the case of presentations to clients it is awesome. I used it to present videos to clients the other day, and it was much easier and simpler than messing with a laptop. With the 3G, I didn't even have to try and connect to their network, etc.

    3. If you are like me, and often find yourself constantly in your home office to check e-mail or update your status, or read ReelSEO, this thing is great. I actually like using it for browsing better than a computer.

    Based on over 3 million sales in less than three months, I'd say there is a market.

  • CRK

    I think the problem isn't what Apple is smoking, rather, whatever you are smoking. The iPad display is great, battery life great, so image you are going on vacation and you don't want to lug a laptop, you want to be able to get email and take a good book along and maybe on the plane watch a good movie, bingo, the device is magical. Try it and maybe you can give up smoking.

  • Creator1326

    Jeremey you are sadly misinformed even on the Apple TV but I will agree with you about the iPad not having a camera. iPhone OS 4 lets you do your multitasking and the Apple TV was great as an output from the DVD movies I ripped into iTunes on my computer. Also, the Apple TV serves as the output from shows I record with Eye TV. I wish it was an all-in-one solution but it was way ahead of the competitors for the time.

  • stenniz

    man dont you look like a fool now!

    • Mark Robertson

      umm no... - it still sucks for video.

  • sfcat

    Ok, Maybe you're right. I don't know. I think no flash and no USB is stupid myself. But, you haven't seen one or used one. Isn't criticizing it premature? And FAR from professional.

    • Mark Robertson

      would praising it be "FAR" from professional as well?

      • sfcat

        Praising it for specific features without ever seeing it or using it also unprofessional, and I've said so a few times.

        • Mark Robertson

          ;-) I dont know if I'd agree but I do enjoy your comments

  • Wm. Cerniuk

    People that lack vision... The AppleTV is awesome and an unsung hero of our household. We leave the photo albums rotating to remind us of why we have absolutely no reason to be sad in our family. Memories go by when we are not watching on 60" in our living room. With the AppleTV, I cut my cable bill to just basic cable (HD comes with that if you don't have the goofy box) and I that for the both of the AppleTVs in less than a year. They talk to my Mac Mini (iTunes media server) which is also connected to a HD set to compete the wireless video nirvana we have now. DVDs are a thing of the past in our house, like the VHS tape. Can you say HandBrake? I knew that you could!

    It is OK to leave the vision up to others… But glance out on the horizon...

    how much people pay for in-car video players, fagetaboutit! Our new 2010 Honda Pilot Touring has a 5.1 Dolby Surround system and we ordered everything but the video system… iPad is ⅓ the price and has the internet and all the apps along with it thanks to something called a Sprint Overdrive which turns our Pilot into a mobile hotspot.

    how much is your doctor's office paying for the junk Windows tablet that has the pen that they have to use to tap and retag silly check boxes? circular file that puppy!. iPad will revolutionize the clinical environment with an easy to clean, fast, **inexpensive** tablet that requires no silly pen, no hard keyboard and can be carried like a clipboard yet is fast enough to crank on medical imaging like a pro.

    when you are building a high-rise, would you rather be saddled to a laptop that has to stay at the construction desk in the trailer or would it be more useful to have your tablet in hand, and use it to check list and survey the job and **still** have the processor to twirl, zoom, and mark up the building plans with notes.. each note pinned to the exact location of the issue on the job site on google maps? (My brother in law Architect will get techno-chills thinking about this)

    What the iPad will do is lobotomize the MacBook Air market. The MacBook Air is a tight little design but it is still a laptop. 90% of the time in meetings I need exactly what the iPad can do and don't need the extra baggage of the laptop of any size. Sociologically I will also not be hiding behind a screen which would have been between me and the rest of the meeting participants and all the negative body language that illustrates. Instead, just a note pad… a fancier one than we all brought to meetings in 1984…

    And speaking of schooling you… Schools! OMG, Schools will buy these by the truck load. TI's Graphing Calculator business where they sell you that exceedingly overpriced chunk of 1980's hardware may just to tango-uniform. If Casio comes out with graphing calculator products for iPad and iPod Touch, that market will go a 180 degrees. If I were smart, I would not be typing this but instead writing that app…

    This just touches on where the iPad will change the game… And as far as the inability for users to access multitasking, don't be plunking a week's salary down betting that iPhone OS 4.0 does not solve that issue in a new and revolutionary way that makes multitasking less of multithrashing because we all know that "multitaskers" usually don't do anything as well as they could… that whole jack of all trades master of none thing applies.

  • David F.


    Jeremy, you work for M$? You are so far off the mark on so many levels its embarrassing.

    Oh, one more thing, I’m the most in demand technology speaker in my house. Give me a break! Are you REALLY using that as part of your bio?

  • ericseo

    I ordered one just for the hell of it. I too am an seo, but I dabble in video and apps and such as well. I'm not overly impressed with it, I'm just buying it to mess around with it, take it on some trips instead of my MBP, and see if I miss having the lappy at all.

    I have 2 PCs at home, and another MAC G5. I prefer PCs for different things over Mac products. I also have an Apple TV. I do like that, but it has a small hard drive. I also have a membership to Usenet that I use all the time. I'll be damned if anyone is going to keep me from getting what I want, when I want it. Ever.

    Overall, I am a technophile and paid to be on the cutting edge of everything and know everything there is to know about whats coming and what will be 10 years from now. So far to me, it's still a toy. One that I can check my email, use an instant messenger, read some books, hopefully check out some cool magazine transitions to digital, and the like. But I'm not taking it so serious that it's all revolutionary or anything. The no multitasking thing is a giant face palm.

    I think it's something cool to have, but by far, not something that will even remotely revolutionize computing.

    • Mark Robertson

      Yeah, heck, if they were $100 - Id buy one as well...

  • AGM

    I think you don't get it. There are literally thousands of applications for a (hopefully) robust user interface machine. You automatically think - video - email - and all of those already sufficiently covered applications and wonder why Apple come out with something like this. Start thinking industrial control and monitoring, stock control, TV, and surveillance remotes, applications that allow you to see what's on TV and what's on your twitter page that you really don't want on your big screen and whoops, it lets you change channels as well. Hmmm, it's a universal device and not insignificantly less so that the mouse actually, music students, pdf reading scores whilst listening and learning. Previous problems were only bulk and price, this clears all that up and will sell into markets you are obviously not aware of yet. Why do you think Trident Missiles have a PS2 interface? You watch and see what the world will end up using these for and start thinking out of the preconditioned computer-user box for a while? Enjoyed you blog BTW.

  • jbelkin

    I can't speak for you but as a senior exec who travels and gives frequent presentations but not 100% of the time, it's perfect. I don't really a laptop as the ipad does everything a laptop does and better. First, it weighs a lot less and has much less than go wrong with it (and I use a Mac and not a crazy PC which MS can't even get it to stop working when BG gives a presentation). People can email me a substantial change and with the KEYNOTE app, I can make small changes myself ... and of course, a large format email and web surfing machine that has controls all onscreen is great ... add in that it plays HD movies, music AND is an ebook reader with a world class store? PERFECT. It has a video out - that's all I need - what do I need USB for? It also has bluetooth and even under 3G, I can email, upload and download ...

    Multitasking - unlike a PC, APPS are mostly ONE main function - Check the weather, look at flights, etc ,etc ... so you do your task and back out - saves on batteries because some apps do not quit properly or for PC users, who's not shocked by some little application eating up 40% of the CPU?

    I agree that a camera would be nice and there are rumors there is a slot so maybe soon ...

    Flash is pointless for a multitude of reasons. Flash is easy for developers but why do flash sites require an opt out like SPAM EMAIL? It's insecure, a memory hog and pointless going forward. What is it mostly used for? banner ads, games you can play at work and video ... I think we can live without animated banner ads, there are APPS for the games and video? Even YouTube is changing over to H.264 - plus MOST ALL of the functions of Flash DO NOT WORK without a mouse. It's 20th century technology - time to move on. Like the diskette and animated GIF's - time to move on.

    The ipad is not for everyone but I for one will be glad to stop carrrying my laptop on road trips - I'll be buying two and I think Apple will easily sell 5 million by years end.

    And not to rude, many of your clients will wonder why you're not 100% up to date on this latest game changer and talking about a few minor missing features (this car thing, sure, it's faster than a horse but any mode of transport without a buggy whip is not for me ...) DOn't get left behind.

  • JON

    I enjoyed reading this post and all of the comments. I'm not an apple fanatic by any stretch, but I do believe they really will fill a need that hasn't been addressed before. That's the casual at-home use of a computer for simple things like looking things up on the web, quick check of your email, schedule, recipes in the kitchen, reading the news at your kitchen table, things that I just don't do often with a laptop or my desktop. And while the tablet idea itself is not new, it's the idea that it does these common things far easier and with less hassle than a full-blown desktop operating system crammed onto a smaller device. A few months ago I thought who would really buy this. As I've thought more and more about it, I think it might prove to be one of the most successful 'computers' ever launched.

    • Mark Robertson

      JON - thanks for the comment and for sharing your thoughts. In its current
      state, I wont be buying one but I do think that with just a few
      modifications (that they will surely make), this could be a revolutionary
      device. Add a camera, perhaps some additional creative and work related
      capabilities, and you have a winner.

  • Craig

    I think this piece could have been a lot shorter. How about cutting everything after "At ReelSEO, we don’t get it at all."

    Not that ypu're alone...

    • Mark Robertson


  • JeffBach

    The screen aspect ratio is the feature that bothers me most. Why would Apple go backwards to a ratio that is being left behind EVERYwhere else? As I think more about the publishing world and the size of their traditional products, I see that magazines are "4:3", newspapers are "4:3", those of us that read are still in the world of squarish books mags and papers.

    All of which adds up to what I think is the willingness of Apple to design a product that makes old media happy and which fits their product display better than 16:9 does. Could Apple be contrarian here? Could they be thumbing their nose at the hip cool 16:9 crowd and going their own way with 4:3 that better fits the reading crowd?

    Also, how do people hold magazines and books? That's right they hold them in their hands. They don't usually prop them up on a stand. I wonder if Apple is acknowledging this usability trait in the design of the Ipad?

    I'm off down the path of seeing this more as a competitor for the Kindle than anything else. Amazon sold more Kindle books over the holiday season than they did real books. Did Apple foresee this latest data point in a possible reading trend?

    Interesting times.

  • JeffBach

    x2 what Daniel Sevitt writes - I think the bulk of the commenting crowd is not in the paper media reading crowd. It seems to me that Apple could likely have B2B agreements with publishers and newspapers that could add significant reasons/revenue for them to make this piece. imo, making it easy for old media to consider porting content from paper to screen is going under the radar in this string of comments.

    As a video producer, for me to create Flash video requires another step. From Final Cut Pro I export and then go in to another app and create the Flash video. There is a giganto army of creators with FCP who are already creating video as mp4/H264 w/in FCP. That's enough for HTML5 (I think I'm not up to speed on HTML5 yet) and it is enough for iphone/ipad. I don't have to take the extra step if my target is Apple hardware. So the volume of IAnything-ready video could be much bigger than you may be thinking.

  • preetam

    Ah...the non-techy wives part makes sense now, what with the product being called the iPad and all. An under-served market, I'm sure.
    I guess I need to keep reminding myself that there WERE a few takers for the bridge to nowhere.

  • DiscoStu

    I was pretty shocked to hear they're leaving out flash too... but now I'm starting to think they are simply thinking ahead and that flash will be dead soon when html 5 takes over. Both youtube and vimeo are moving in that direction, and I'm sure many more will follow.

  • Mark Robertson

    • Malachi


  • Malachi

    It's funny when you think about the ipod or mp3 device. As first a marketing professional his company has turned it's largest profit to date so my opinion would just be that... how do you tell a guy like Jobs that has a tribe that follows him like mad. What you are doing in this post is increasing the Brand and the like or dislikes of it... Which increases your blog , which is part of the business, and not knocking you by any means... But tell me what you would do if you had on of the strongest brands in the world? Now think target market not yourself... you cant think techie but for the non techie? I think it's a large ipod or iphone but for the non iphone user or market sake... I have the revenue to try anything... I'm not afraid of making a mistake on building a device I feel I want to build.... Also think about the first ipod... or mp3 device.... many people to this day hates the iphone but if you where given the revenue from its sale would you reject it? or if it was a product right now that you wanted to create for reelseo customers? Some would hate it so would love it.... Steve and company are people that risk being different and being the only one (kinda) look at the balance sheet and then ask the shareholders who don't give a crap. The job of the company CEO is to "increase shareholders wealth, grow market share with innovative products that .... hopefully change the market. Believe me 15.9 billion quarter is not a fad..... regardless of the product.... learn from the company. Create a product that gets people.... people may believe in but make sure you believe it more. And make it proprietary if need to so that you can control what you need to control and open what you need to open. That's why theirs one Bill Gates, one Steve Jobs, one Seth Godin, one Martin Luther King Jr, one one one.... but many followers. This product.... is just another product to the Apple brand that may or may not increase the brand but you must admit.... they do a good job of changing the game, we must thank them for making others try harder even apple it self. Yes I'm an apple user (but not exclusively I've spent over 100K on Microsoft product) and the reason why I mainly use it is I prefer Final Cut and I just like the product... is that ok? And yes the ipad is different as an investment but thats what I thought about Build-A Bear.... 200+ million later.

    • aman

      This is what I call a mature analysis. Nicely done!

    • Jeremy Scott

      I am prepared to give Apple props as a brand. Thought I already did, actually. But a great brand being great doesn't forgive a bad product. Most people would suggest that Coke had a great brand when they released New Coke, but I don't remember critics saying "Well, Coke is a solid brand, so you have to forgive this awful new taste."

      Plus, did you just put Steve Jobs on the same level as Martin Luther King Junior?

      • Malachi

        Yes, I did...

        Same level? Hmmmmm


        They are leaders.... The have followers.... They make a difference and have made a difference and will both be in the history books.

        Leaders tend to think outside the box.

        Leaders tend to have failed. (Abe Lincoln was a big failure tell he won)

        Leaders have followers that follow the brand and everyone has a brand and what it stands for... lol Tiger Woods brand is down for now maybe....

        Jobs will be in the history books in computers

        Martin.... I'm a black dude... and I've done work for his daughter. lol

        Good point Sir about Coke....

        Coke needs to maybe risk more...

        Do you know that Pepsi took the lead when they risk the marketing efforts to "P Diddy, Puffy, Sean John"? aka Hip Hop industry.

        The campaign worked...

        BTW, I like Coke and dislike Pepsi but thought that Pepsi Clear was good, LOL but cola is brown

        SO what should Toyota do? I'd say they should take lessons from Tylenol

  • gfbaker_10987

    it would be great if you provided a link to your initial review of the iPhone.
    for my money - I think in 6 months your initial judgment will be that of a checkers player - in a 3D chess world. a) when you go to meetings - is everybody 'clicking' on their laptops - or are they writing on a pad ? . . .. b) how many remotes do you have at home ? c) at home do you send all your email via your laptop - or sometimes do you use your iPhone since it boots up instantly ? d) etc.

    • Jeremy Scott

      So you're saying we're going to go from zero to "Jetsons" in six months? Awesome. I will go find my nonexistent iPhone review and publish it if you promise to come back in six months and admit that society hasn't abandoned laptops for iPads. Deal?

  • Aman

    Remember that we are at the third iteration of iphone (2.0,3G and 3GS). I see same scenario unfolding with the iPad too. Right now there is no content available and releasing a full featured iPad won't make any sense as no one will buy it as it would be way over $499. I think Apple wants to create some sort of eco system and then grow in it, just like they did with the iPhone. I think by third iteration we will have iPad pretty much doing everything. Also remember that with iPad it is not what you do, it is how you do it. Some people still don't get the "ease of doing things" part.

    • Jeremy Scott

      Well, except we were reviewing this iPad... not the future amazing, do-everything iPad 3.0 you are envisioning. It's pretty silly to me to give this thing high marks because of what future hardware might possibly maybe be able to do. I don't review products based on potential, but on actual capabilities.

      • aman

        I think it is perfectly ok to draw parallel between iphone and iPad. They are made by the same brand and envisioned by the same person. You don't make a product for today, each product has a roadmap. Also when a product is envisioned and designed a decision is made on what can be released today. it makes perfect sense to release something at a low entry point and wait for marked adoption.
        When you are in business of innovation then future, imagination (amazing) along with future potential comes into play. It makes sense to ship a pare down device at low price when there is not much content available. When content is available then people will be willing to spend more money and then maybe apple will add more hardware and cool features.

    • Malachi

      Lets think 10 years... (ipod is over 10 years ago)

      Jobs said.... Apple is the largest mobile device company... ect

      Apple is should change it's focus to mobile.... and they are cause mobile is now and will be greater investment for them and whom ever adapts there products now.

      Apple would be dead without mobile.

  • Trevor

    Lots of valid points in the post, but I think we should stop thinking about the iPad as a new method to do things we already have devices for, or as a solution to solve problems we don't have. Yes, the iPhone and a laptop have many uses that don't seem possible or reasonable on the iPad, like making phonecalls or watching a two hour movie. And not including a camera seems like a cynical attempt by Apple to force people into buying a second generation iPad (now with camera!) in six months. So instead of focusing on the iPad as a device for personal entertainment, I'm thinking of ways we can use the iPad within the web video industry, as well as in a general corporate atmosphere (think field workers, not office drones, utilizing video content in the field). I think combining video (specifically web video) with the touchscreen will open up some interesting possibilities. As a nws junkie, I think It could very well HELP (not save) the newspaper biz, if they wise up and start integrating web video directly into their online articles. It's finally time for all the media co's vertical integration to prove its worth in one format, that's easy for people to carry around and start up.

  • vidiSEO

    I think Apple is trying to create a new user base in much the same way Nintendo did with the Wii. When the Wii was announced, hardcore gamers went off on all the things it was missing or couldn't do as well, but the system wasn't made to please hardcore gamers. The Wii connected with a much larger pool of casual gamers by being fun and simple (not to mention less expensive than the other options).

    The iPad is for content consumers, not content creators. It's made for those who find it difficult to unitask on a standard computer, let alone multitask. Perhaps one day they'll release an 'iPad Pro' for a more technically savvy crowd, but until then I don't think we're the target audience.

    • Jeremy Scott

      Are you saying that you think there's a mass of people out there who can't figure out how to use a standard computer or Mac to consume content? The Wii analogy doesn't work... because the Wii went after people who flat-out never gamed before. The iPad is not going after people who have never used a computer. And I'm hard pressed to believe that Joe and Cindy Average are looking at the iPad as the thing that fixes all the trouble they've been having with online content on their stale old desktop.

      • vidiSEO

        I'm hard pressed to believe that Cindy is an average name

        • Mark Robertson

          LOL - this is the best discussion ever... Im having a blast reading all
          these comments..

        • Jeremy Scott


      • geogirl03

        I think another big market will be older folks who can use computers but really only consume content. My mom got a smart phone to check email and keep in touch while on the go. Loved the apps and portability but got rid of it after a month because the screen and buttons were too small for her older eyes. I think she will LOVE an ipad because it is simple, portable, and easy to see. I can see a lot of her circle really jumping on this bandwagon.

  • Adam

    This is a platform to sell apps, music and books. Its like buying the razor for (semi)cheap then the razors get you. That being said this thing sucks, it will do better than the apple TV (fail) but it is not Magical. I guess since Steve has been sucking the blood of infants (my guess on how he recovered) his touch with reality has slipped. Magical, really? Someone should get slapped for that statement.

    (I have two G5 towers, laptop and iphone)

  • timdanyo

    It should be called the iLounge because it's basically a leisure (sit around the house) computer with no real professional features. What would have been so completely amazing would have been a full touch OSX UI. Having no video camera completely ham strings the device and removes it from some really amazing social media and communication applications. (Unless you want to attach a cam) which is counter intuitive and clunky.

    I am a big Apple enthusiast. I was anticipating a revolution. Instead I got a marketing campaign for the print industry. No thanks.

  • Dave

    Jeremy, all valid points (which I've made to friends too) but you missed THE point - you are not the target market. This is a Consumer's Portable Paradise not a Creator's Swiss Army Knife. I'm no Apple fanboy either though I did work for them years ago - the only Apple product I own is a used iPod Touch/iTouch - nice gadget. It does 90% of what the iPad can and has returned the highest Time ROI of any product I own. I knocked it at first but I now use that little thing 30-60 minutes a day around the house. And, yes, Apps are just software - but 100k apps and $1.4 Billion (!) app store revenue later, apps made for one unique platform are pretty cool - I have 70, paid $30 total for them, and use 10 almost daily. On a laptop/desktop, no multiple-open apps is terrible - on this, you only do ONE thing at a time anyway - big deal. The target markets for this: college students who want a 2nd computer to go with their Macbook, upgraders from iTouch and Nano, e-readers who want color and video-watching capability, non-techy housewives with young kids who want something in the kitchen, couch, playroom to Consume (not Create) all sorts of content from. Apple mania is crazy (on par with Google) and tablets have been around forever - but Jobs hasn't been wrong in a long time. This is a solid first release - 2 years from now half the things you mentioned won't exist (you know a camera is already planned for v.2) and they'll have locked up partnerships (not only with the 5 major book publishers) but just about every other major content creator that wants to play.

    • Tim

      Very good point on the non-techy wives. My wife wants one and is planning to put up on the wall(kids can't reach) where she can check her emails and optionally take it with her in the kitchen for looking up recipes. You can put this thing anywhere (on the wall or even in the car). Even I like the idea of checking my email without having to open up my laptop and worrying about kids spilling some liquid on it (high enough on the wall where kids can't reach).

    • Mark Robertson

      very good point

  • Tony Alexander

    I have read more "this device will save newspapers" posts than I could have imagined... the iWaste is nothing more than a giant iPhone or iTouch with less practicality. It's a great piece of hardware, from a design perspective... but, seriously?

  • Scott Medlock

    Exactly on point...... It's a computer.

    How is this different than the Archos, EEE Tablet, or any of the 30-50 other tablet systems out there... Except some of them come with "kickstands", they all have Flash, let you load nearly any application, a few (even with 15" screens) have 12+hr battery life.

    And there are at least 20 or so that are either released or will soon release (like, before May 1) that are running Android so if it's just phone apps you want, there you go.

    And they ALL have full video, cameras, etc.

    I just don't see any compelling reason to buy it. I'll keep my Nexus One phone and just get a 10-15" tablet that will do everything but phone for alot less money and a whole lot more capability.

    And I normally really, really, really like Apple... But this just doesn't make sense.

  • Anna

    I think this IPAD was built to make money on apps, books, magazines, and movies. If you could get free movies from flash (on the web) . . . why would you pay for them on itunes? i.e., no flash!
    They specifically want to exclude things that don't make them money . . after all . . that's the American way!

  • Daniel Sevitt

    I have never owned anything by Apple. I just don't like the way you're tied in to their software... but, I look at this iPad and I immediately think of comic books and magazines and newspapers. This is a much more accessible and suitable device for accessing print media.

    The idea of reading a daily newspaper with targeted video ads embedded in it while I'm lyng in bed looks mighty attractive to me. I think this could change the way we experience periodicals and other disposable content.

    I think there is a gap here and it might be wider than you think. That's just my two cents. I won't be early adopting, but I'm more enthusiastic about how this device could fit into my life that I have ever been before about Apple's toys.

  • Christophor Rick

    It's lame. I read someone somewhere say it's going to revolutionize the WORLD! A touch screen tablet is going to revolutionize the world? Layoff the FOX morning show and the coffee. Sensationalism runs rampant any time Apple does something.

    Here's some other stupid crap about the iFad - iPhone apps will run natively (cool!) they will run in standard size and 200% mode. What's that mean? Most will look like...well, shit. A lot of games I have to play for GDN look poor on the iPhone, they'll be disgustingly blocky on the iFad.

    The iFad has a lower pixels per inch than the! So an iPhone app will be 2x as large and then degraded even further by a lower pixel density?

    bah...I'll stick to my first gen iPhone which was a Xmas present heh. What was that other revolutionary product they made? The iForgot, the iPast the... oh apple TV that's it. Does anyone you know have one?

    • Mark Robertson

      I sat and wasted over an hour watching the unveiling of that crap... I keep saying to myself, "What the F is this S?" - a bit like a big iPhone that really doesnt even work as well as the iPhone itself and doesnt make phone calls.

      Jobs kept saying this like, "we created this remarkable calendar app, wonderful mail app, etc..." It is the exact same as the iPhone... Arg - what a waste of an hour.

    • data recovery

      I liked the ipad video and I think they have done good job.

  • mikemcdonald

    Love the Macbook... Love the iMac... but I'm rocking an android phone and a zune... so I got nothing on those.

    Basically, not a hater, but not a kool aid drinker either.

    This thing is just ALMOST useless. Kindle substitute with a nicer screen and a little more internet friendly.


    (throw a usb port on this thing and it garners 30% less hate online)

  • Mark Robertson

    Oh yeah and it may help to mention (we are not at all Apple haters) - I have a mac air and an iPhone and I love them both. Jeremy has a macbook and loves that... The iPad though - at least this iteration of it - we think they got it all wrong...

  • Ted

    I will be buying one as soon as they become available. Why buy the Kindle DX when I can have this for the same price. I know my son who is going to college next year has already said how much better it will be for textbooks.
    I'll be using the cinematographers tools I have Iphone apps for, a lot and yes I can watch video and listen to music on it too.

    • Mark Robertson

      Well, that is a good point - if you are a kindle lover, this certainly is an attractive alternative. Of course, the kindle is half the price...

      • Mudie

        FYI: The Kindle DX - Which Ted referenced - is only $10 less than the iPad, not half the price.

        • Mark Robertson

          The wireless 3g iPad is not $499 my friend... check your facts. also has
          3G - no monthly charges, etc....

        • Mudie

          Indeed, the 3G iPad is far more expensive ( plus the added monthly charges that the Kindle lacks) but from the standpoint of using the iPad as simply a way to consume books (ala Kindle DX with the same sized screen) the $499 iPad would suffice and only lack the download-anywhere capability. Since the majority of use would be to read and not download then I think it's a fair match.

          Granted, if the iPad is to be used for all that it can do and 16GB+WiFi isn't enough for you then yes, the price is going to climb. But if the above is adequate the $10 more for the low end iPad is going to destroy Kindle DX sales IMHO. About the only thing the DX has going for it over the iPad is battery life but from everything I'm reading the iPad battery is more than enough for a long day of reading in between charges so that point is nearly moot. When you add full color (when applicable) and the embedded video in magazines capability that the iPad has then it's game over for those that are primarily looking for an ereader which is all I think Ted meant above when he posted his comment.