AOL Europe (which sounds strange, America Online Europe), just picked up GoViral, an online branded video content provider over on this side of the pond, reported The Guardian. The company distributes branded video content guaranteeing audiences and user initiated video plays for advertisers on a pay-for-performance basis. So it would appear that AOL Europe is planning on getting into the branded video industry, or rather, already have.

GoViral was founded in by Jimmy Maymann and Claus Moseholm in 2005. The pair then sold part of their stake to an investment firm and shared out further stock in the firm to management. AOL Europe shelled out about $74.1m upfront and another  $22.6m is set to be paid over the next couple year.s

The company, based in London, will allow AOL Europe to "match our ambition for premium content creation and engaging advertising, with highly targeted distribution at scale," said the AOL Europe senior vice-president, Kate Burns.

This must be a big piece of the AOL Video international initiative. While it will mainly bolster the European side it is said that it will also strengthen North American operations as well one day.

I'm curious if they're trying to make a pre-emptive strike into international waters by breaking away from an American-centric focus. They have recently made some other content deals in the UK including Harry Hill. It also seems to give AOL Europe a pre-existing branded video division that can quickly ramp up and start creating content for advertisers and hopefully help continue funding their new AOL Video thrust.

  • Ronnie Bincer

    "User Initiated Video Plays"... is that Techno-Speak for pay-per-view? Advertisers want their video to get views by humans so they make a system that makes the viewer, click to view the video, even if they are trying to get to something else.

  • Anders B Waagstein

    Congrats Goviral! Copenhagen founded startups gets more and more traction. Looking forward to see what AOL can do with all that distribution...