AOL Editors Room Gives Editors New Online Video Resources

AOL Editors Room Gives Editors New Online Video Resources

Content is hard to come by, or rather it was. Several initiatives in the latter half of this year are creating curated, syndicated premium video content feeds that can give publishers added video content as well as new monetization options, and AOL has just announced theirs: The AOL Editors Room. This is a win-win as it gets premium content out to the masses and brings monetization to the content creators and online publishers as well as putting a bit of coin in the pockets of those who are facilitating the syndication.

About The AOL Editors Room

The Editors Room is, specifically, aimed at online news editors who are in need of video to embed and add to their online news and articles.

AOL Editors Room Gives Editors New Online Video Resources

The platform offers Web editors and publishers access to more than 250,000 curated premium videos from top media companies and independent producers including BBC News, Hearst, Meredith, and Bonnier, and was beta tested by the Huffington Post Media Group.

The content is fed through the brand and allows you to embed single videos in stories or create your own custom channels of content as well as choosing from curated channels.

There are several benefits to the system. From a monetization standpoint the video embeds can be shown with pre-roll and overlay ads.  Some recent studies have also shown that video in news makes the pages more sticky and increases the perception of value in the content. Essentially, it seems, video imparts perceived legitimacy to the news pieces. I would be interested to see what kind of effect the direct relevance of the video to the text content has on those numbers as well.

The list of verticals covers a wide range from art to sports. There is even a video games channel and yes, I have contacted them about getting access to the content.

Here is a video AOL created to help explain Editors Room:

Aside from just the content, playlists and channels, the Editors room will also offer a customizable video player that you embed along with it. While anyone can choose a video and embed, if you want to monetize with ads and create playlists and channels you will need to be a 5min Media partner.

I can see a few issues, for example, the embed is only available as a Javascript code snippet, in some systems you might have problems getting that embedded properly. Of course, any professional CMS should allow for that but some site owners with less tech savvy might not be able to do it or less-developed CMSes could pose problems as well. I will most likely follow up with AOL Video to get further specifics on this for you.

Editors Room is launching in the U.S.; for more information, visit

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      have you seen the iPhone SIRI yet?