Using Animated Flash Cartoons As A Video Marketing Tool

Using Animated Flash Cartoons As A Video Marketing Tool

Mark asked me to take a look into and see if there was any sort of marketing potential, as in, could you use what you make there for video marketing. I started poking around tentatively and realized there probably is some interesting ways that it could help the ReelSEO readership. But you've got to maintain an open mind here. Instead of making a long article about its potential, I decided I'd make a cartoon animation.

Now really it was partly joke and partly to demonstrate what might be done. Obviously Mark and I don't share an office (or even a continent at present) and he's nothing like that animated version of him (except for the 'when can I get something on it'  line which he sends in email on occasion). But can you see some of the potential here for viral marketing and getting your name or product out to a diverse audience? It is certainly less costly and time-consuming than hiring a Flash genius to make that animation. This 5 minute video took me about 15 hours and started as an idea that I then fleshed out to a 7-page script and finally the animation.

My Animation - "Product Placement Madness"

What's the value?

Using Animated Flash Cartoons As A Video Marketing ToolThe value might be hard to see at first. Aside from the comedic value of the whole thing there are several other not-so-readily-apparent factors. First, Mark and I both received Google Alerts about the video when I finally published it publicly. That means the text boxes with the names and URLs in the Flash animation are readable by Google. In fact, I did a quick search and the image [right] shows the results. I searched on "product placement reelseo" and the video came up right behind ReelSEO itself. Not bad for a Flash animation that only has about 75 views at present. In fact, I even scored higher than blogs talking about ReelSEO talking about product placement. Now even Mark has been wondering at the true value of what I was doing (he only just saw the video like Christmas Eve or so).

GoAnimate Watch animation Product Placement Madness
...SCENE59: $650 www. reelseo .com An arm, you can keep the leg. I offset its cost with the drink sponsor SCENE107: $650 www. reelseo .com An arm, you can keep the leg. I offset its cost with the drink sponsor SCENE60: $650 www. reelseo ...

Above is the text of the Google Alert which shows you some of the text along with it. Which means the text of the Flash animation is indexed by Google right? How's that for some video search indexing value? Not only is the video entertaining but Google recognizes the text of the scripts. My apologies to Tod Sacerdoti from BrightRoll and to Brightcove for their inclusions in the animation but it was fitting no?

Using Animated Flash Cartoons As A Video Marketing ToolIt certainly won't count towards another site's PageRank as GoAnimate, does not allow external linking, just to other GoAnimate pages. What it could do is help you create an innovative marketing campaign the next time you're looking at how to reach the masses online and don't have a production crew at your disposal.

You can purchase credits at GoAnimate to download the animations (as .MP4 - which we did here) and then upload them wherever you would like. So that means you could spread them around the web as you wish. (I'm available for scriptwriting and might even do some animations from time to time). So it turns out that GoAnimate, which I thought would have little to no marketing value, does in fact have quite a lot of possibilities for those willing to take a chance.

The service isn't perfect, but it's growing quickly and they are doing work continuously on it. This was actually my third video after 2 other short pieces (The Balance being a series I'm working on producing) so there's a fair amount of learning that needs to be done (or you might hire on one of the other animators at the site. I'm sure some of them might be in the market to do something. You could contact me for some suggestions). The GoAnimate logo is attached throughout the video but what I'm hoping is that they'll offer a downloadable version where the logo is not shown during the video but only at the end. Since it's all driven by Adobe Flash the browser can sometimes go wonky and start gobbling up RAM and CPU. That's when you hope you had saved your latest changes or else you'll be reverting to the last auto-save (which almost totally locks up the screen when it happens, just be patient).

I have to say that GoAnimate is now sort of a new hobby. I had a story written and storyboarded for a web-based comic. I've not taken that story and am turning it into The Balance. Episode 1 is available on my GoAnimate page and Episode 2 is in production at the time of writing.

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  • adasport

    Combining their talent and creativity with global exposure, these animation teams will quickly become the worldwide superstars of their craft.

  • broynow

    Hey Christophor, Nice work here. I like how you make plugs on the products to Mark.
    I'm new to blog world and this may be a nice value add to my new venture. Have you figured out how to keep the Flash Animations from lagging?

    Thanks, Happy New Year

  • mike sayre

    Ha-ha! Sweet stuff, yeah I saw the cha-ching board... must be at $2,400 by now:]
    Looks like alot of work there, but I can see the potential in many ways for online marketing and more.

    I've always believed multimedia content can be generated/created in many forms for effective online marketing - bottom line: it just can't suck.

    As a first-run Goanimate video, this doesn't suck. It was entertaining, and I watched the whole clip!
    That says alot - most marketing videos I'll click off 50% thru.

    And with more practice, experience with the GA system - the end result videos can only get better with conversion, etc. Looks like alot of promise here.

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Mike. Yeah, I think Chris did pretty good for his first time
      around. Im guessing it would take him half the time next time.. lots of
      work - but certainly entertaining if you ask me... Thanks for the comment.

    • Mark Robertson

      PS - great to hear from you - long time no talk. you still working with
      auto dealers?

  • Christophor Rick

    Oh for crying out loud! The length that some people will go to for SEO...seriously!

    Hey, wait a second, it seems to be working, 45 retweets, multiple Google alerts... Hey Mark! It's Working!! It's Working!!

    (Did anyone notice the special numbers on the cha-ching board? Please someone say yes!!)