I read an article that had a URL like "think-google-tv-sucks-just-wait-for-the-next-version" which made me go take a look at the Google I/O Conference agenda for next month and it certainly looks like Google is still planning on going strong with Google TV as there are numerous sessions on it. So I thought I would pull them altogether and give you a glimpse into what Google TV 2.0 might have in store.

Now, just to be clear, I didn't say I agree with the URL, in fact, the title of the article is completely different than the URL which is why I won't even link to them.

Anyway, the I/O Conference is just days away and I wonder why I wasn't invited. Oh wait, nevermind. But the agenda for the conference is fascinating, from a certain perspective.

Android Apps on Google TV

On May 11th there will be this session which goes to show, Google is smart about tying their technologies together. As you can see, it seems the new version of Google TV will run Android Apps. That means not just video and information but...games!

Building Android Apps for Google TV

May 11, 01:45PM – 02:45PM / Room 11 LIVESTREAMED

Learn how to create new apps or enhance existing Android apps for Google TV. Session includes an overview of the platform, best practices, demos, and discussion about the fantastic opportunities Google TV creates for developers.

To be able to fire up Android apps on my TV, tablet and smartphone would be like a dream come true. I wonder if they'll work on some multiplayer stuff because this could be really cool. Oh, I suppose there could be a bunch of streaming video stuff as well.

Just before that session there's another interesting one that I thought you all might be interested in seeing.

Web Apps on Google TV

Every once in a while I field a question about optimizing for Google TV, well now I can just point you to the experts.

Building Web Apps for Google TV

May 11, 12:30PM – 01:30PM / Room 5

Learn about the Google TV platform and the opportunity to build web apps for the platform using HTML5 or Flash. Session includes an overview of the platform, best practices, demos, and a discussion about the opportunities for developers to build killer apps for Google TV.

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This could be a pretty big session with loads of useful information. A shame that they won't be live streaming this one. They are with the one above.

Google TV's Future

The future of Google TV is definitely Android. Hitching it to that runaway horse is definitely going to drag its wagon out of the mud and into the light. If Android Apps and Android in general are going to continue growing at the pace they are, then it's a definite option for some of us who want a single platform for all our entertainment. I would love to be able to have the same application on my TV when I'm home and on my tablet when at the cafe or phone when traveling light. All my information coming to me through the same app on all my devices for me is huge. It might not be for everyone, but it is for some of us. Just like I don't want twenty online video, Internet TV accounts, I also don't want to have to re-buy applications (like you must do a lot of the time when you have an iPhone app and want on the iPad). If I can buy once and install on my three main Android devices, I would probably even dump my iPhone.

Finally, this isn't really Google TV specific, but will impact it in one way or another.

YouTube Caption API, Speech Recognition & WebVTT captions for HTML5

May 11, 12:30PM – 01:30PM / Room 4

Captions make video accessible and more importantly: discoverable to search. Learn how we're live captioning Google I/O with a new open source gadget, discover caption features in the YouTube Data API based on speech recognition, and find out more about WebVTT, a new format to help broadcast TV subtitling make the leap to HTML5 and the Web.

  • Lewis LaLanne – NoteTakingNerd

    I agree.

    I'm a universal remote kinda guy too.

    I hate having a jillion different passwords for all kinds of accounts. And this is one reason I jumped on board with LastPass.com

    Be interesting to how all this ends up going mainstream and how it comes together seamlessly instead of rag tag like it is now.

  • RV

    Thanks for the coverage but I don't share your enthusiasm about Google TV 2.0. Android Apps makes sense but besides games many apps are not video related. Developers are really reprogramming sites into new 'web apps' so they can work on Google TV? The Google TV installed base is so small, it doesn't seem to make sense to devote resources to a platform that is not significant at this time.

    As a heavy online video user, I am not going to spend several hundred dollars for a new device that is not as useful as my laptop/tablet. Google TV is trying to position itself as a new middle man between me and my content, I'm not into that.

    • Matthew Grimes

      re: "Developers are really reprogramming sites into new 'web apps' so they can work on Google TV"

      The great thing about this is that these tv optimized sites work on anything beyond a Google TV device. Anything with a web browser, so no not just a single device with a small install base... you can see it for yourself in the Spotlight Gallery at http://www.google.com/tv/spotlight-gallery.html

      It's built around a crazy standard called keyboard controls, up/down/left/right backspace and escape- stuff like that, not 102 keys just a few standard keys.