AgendiZe Launches First Video-to-Action API

AgendiZe Launches First Video to Action APIAgendiZe, the premier provider of call-to-action services, today introduced their Video-to-Action API, which makes it easy for video publishers and ad agencies to add a comprehensive suite of customer engagement tools within online videos to make them actionable. Now customer viewers can interact with businesses and advertised products directly while a video is playing, instead of merely watching it.

"Online video advertising and marketing excels in grabbing consumer attention, but often fails to actively engage them while they're there. Viewers are expected to simply sit and watch the clip," said Alexandre Rambaud, founder and CEO of AgendiZe. "But what if audiences could chat with the business live or pull up a map with its location, recommend the advertised product to their friends and rate it, or send the business' information to their phone while the video is playing? That's the power of the AgendiZe Video-to-Action API.”

AgendiZe Video-to-Action API is the first tool that allows publishers and advertisers to embed a full suite of customer engagement tools in online videos, including Click-to-Call, Call Tracking, Click-to-Chat, Save & Share, Commenting, Rating, Voting and Local Map functionality. This enables consumers to take action while a video ad or clip is playing by contacting the business live; sharing the business information on Facebook, AIM, SMS, MySpace,, blogs, email and more than 100 services and devices; finding a map for that business; rating, commenting, voting and more. This transforms online video from a passive to an active consumer engagement tool that generates up to 20 times more user interactions, and ultimately more leads, calls, word of mouth and instore

AgendiZe also provides a fully customizable, universal dashboard that reports user activities across all services, platforms and devices, making it easy for marketers to track multi-channel engagement for all their video campaigns in one place.

AgendiZe Video-to-Action API can be integrated in any Flash or Adobe Flex application or video player.

Already a leader in providing call-to-action marketing tools for the Yellow Page and directory market, AgendiZe seeks to expand its offerings to meet the needs of video production companies, advertising agencies and marketers. Today, AgendiZe powers video interactivity for Bizclip, and AdVideo Production, leading global video production companies.

AgendiZe Video-to-Action API is built upon AgendiZe Call-to-Action suite, which is currently used by more than 20 of the world's leading online classifieds and directories, including Yellow Book USA, Yellow Pages Canada, QDQ Media and Editus, extending the reach and duration of any advertisers' online content by making it possible for users to extract information from the Web and save it to different devices or share it with friends and colleagues. Today, more than one million local advertisers use AgendiZe call-to-action services worldwide.

Further information on AgendiZe Video-to-Action API is available at:

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