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Online Video Production and Local Search In Canada   Advideo and Weblocal.caADVIDEO, the largest provider of online video commercials in Canada, is announcing today a partnership with, an online search site for finding and reviewing local businesses, products or services in communities across Canada.

"ADVIDEO is delighted to produce its online video commercials for this division of Transcontinental, the largest publisher in Canada" Francois Gand, Founder & Chairman of the Board for Advideo told ReelSEO.  "Such association allows our growing network of video and IT professionals to reach deep into the Canadian business arena and reinforces our leading position in this country as the online video commercial provider of choice for carefully-crafted cost-effective online video advertising."

Via this agreement with, a wholly-owned property of Transcontinental Media, the largest publishing company in Canada and one of the country's most important media companies, ADVIDEO now produces high quality, personalized and affordable online video commercials featuring all sectors of the Canadian business community. These videos will serve as a cost-effective, key marketing tool aimed at increasing qualified leads for's advertisers and providing to consumers the best solution to make informed decisions.

Advideo is well-established as a marketing partner in many verticals, having produced thousands of online video commercials for many enterprises across the World.'s local advertisers will benefit from ADVIDEO's network of more than 5,000 professional videographers as well as the personal touch of its experienced editors and technology specialists working to effectively produce outstanding online video commercials.
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  • tonyw

    I've been in this business for a while and never heard of this company. They claim to be the largest video company in Canada and don't even have an example of a "Canadian" video. Something is not right.

  • tonyw

    Mark no problem. This is funny to me because in this industry, there are so many "one person" company claiming they have done this and that but in fact is really a guy in his parent's basement :) As well if they are really new and in beta, it is pretty amazing that they already produced thousands of video around the world already. Sounds too good to be true.

    • Mark Robertson

      I know ;-) But this one is legit... Trust me. Will provide additional information. This was a press release.

  • tonyw

    Mark, if you Googled Transcontinental, they have "More than $630 million CDN in revenues for 2007 Over 3,000 employees"

    As for the state-of-the-act multi-million dollar headquarter, I would ask them what is the address and you should visit it. I bet you a new Red camera that it does not exit. I like reading this blog but I think more fact checks are needed in each story. Thanks.

    • Mark Robertson

      Actually, it is not CDN, but CAN, Canadian currency revenues....

      REVENUES - In Millions of Dollars:
      2007: $2,362.2
      2008: $2,429.3
      Financial Results posted publicly via:

      As for their headquarters - They are located in the Guelph / Kitchener / Waterloo tri-cites in Ontario, location being 15 minutes from the RIM Park (the Blackberry guys) and here are some pictures of their studios, I know, look like stock photos, but they aren't.

      Just out of curiosity, you mention that you have been in the business for years... what do you do?

      Thanks for the kind words on ReelSEO. Trust me, there are hundreds of announcements that I completely ignore because facts dont support the claims and I'm also really tired of the one-offs that are capitalizing on popularity of online video without a good product to support it.

      I try my best to not post such announcements. I should have spent more time presenting a background for this particular announcement.

      I really believe these guys are legit and we will follow up with something more detailed. This was just an announcement from their press team.