Is Adobe Flash Digital Rights Management (DRM) Bad?

Interesting article titled, "Adobe Pushes DRM for Flash" on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's website.
In the post, Seth Schoen talks about Adobe's new push to add digital rights managment (DRM) copyright protection to the flash player 9 and Flash Media Server software.  As Seth points out, one reason for the popularity of the Flash model currently is the lack of DRM restrictions.  So, is Flash DRM going to be the downfall flash as the online video player standard?

"Furthermore, the prospect of widespread adoption of DRM restrictions on Flash threatens to squash a growing tradition of expressive fair use of online video — a practice effectively in its infancy that, left unfettered, would be a dynamic solution to our failing effort to teach media literacy. Before we understand how to read media messages, we must first learn how to speak their language — and we learn that language by playing with and remixing the efforts of others. DRM, by restricting the remixing of Flash videos, stands to bankrupt a rich store of educational value by foreclosing the ability of students and teachers to "echo others" by remixing videos posted online.

Finally, there's a classic suite of arguments against DRM that will be as true for online video as they were for music. DRM doesn't move additional product. DRM is grief for honest end-users. And there's no reason to imagine that new DRM systems will stop copyright infringement any more effectively than previous systems"

Thanks to Mike Abundo for pointing this article out.  Mike states, "DRM would inhibit a lot of the things that made Flash video such a runaway hit in the first place. Way to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, Adobe."

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