Heh, that's one of my better titles right there. Plus, it's extremely accurate in both meanings. Adify has recently implemented a new VAST 2.0 network that spans the globe and expands their previous offerings.

Adify is pretty big stuff in the online advertising realm. One might even call them a titan. They are, if you're not in the know, a vertical ad network management and media services company (whew that's a mouthful!).  Basically, they make vertical ad networking far easier and helps connect Network Builders, advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

Alright, enough with the history lesson. Let's jump back to the present. The company just announced that they have adopted and are implementing the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) VAST 2.0 standard for digital video ad serving.

What is VAST 2.0?

VAST 2.0 is the latest version of the IAB's Digital Video Ad Serving Template. It was originally developed in July 2008 to standardize the communication protocol between video players and servers.  In November of last year they announced 2.0.

VAST 2.0 includes critical updates that:

  • Permit optional tracking of companion ads and other ad elements
  • Provide support for multi-part creatives
  • Allow for a broader range of digital video ad products
  • Clarify many technical requirements to ease implementation

VAST is designed for any on-demand video player where the ad response is parsed prior to play. For example, use of this standard would be appropriate within an Adobe Flash player if the ad response was requested and parsed in ActionScript but would not be appropriate if contained directly within a SMIL playlist directly sent to the player. It may be possible to use this XML format for applications other than on-demand viewing such as live video streaming, downloadable video players, set-top boxes, etc, but those applications are explicitly beyond the scope of the current effort.

VAST 2.0 standardizes how video players and third-party digital video ad servers communicate, enabling publishers to easily plug into multiple ad servers and networks, eliminating the need for time-consuming and complex custom-development for each integration. It also improves support for:

  • Delivery tracking of individual ad creatives
  • Coordinating delivery between multiple video ad servers
  • A broader range of video ad products including interactive "non-video" ads

What does VAST 2.0 mean for Adify?

Simply put it gives 200+ vertical ad networks and more than 18,000 publishers the ability to work with VAST 2.0 compliant CMSs, video players, plug-ins and inventory sources including: Ooyala, AdoTube, Freewheel, Auditude, LiveRail, Delve, Adap.tv, Open Video Ads (powers advertising for FlowPlayer and JW Player), Magnify, Grab Networks and ClipSyndicate.

It also means that they are now dedicated to working with others to be compatible with them. These places include Brightcove, Kaltura and YuMe who are also working on their own VAST 2.0 implementations.

Along with the VAST 2.0 implementation Adify has also created a new video-optimized trafficking workflow and analytics enhancements that should usher in a new era of smooth, measurable video ad serving in their vertical networks.

"Because digital video is a major component of any forward-thinking ad campaign, we want to ensure that our customers and their partners generate the most ROI, consumer engagement and best brand experience possible," said Joelle Kaufman, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Adify.

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