Introduces New Pre-Roll Video Ad Format Introduces New Pre Roll Video Ad, creators of OneSource, the first platform to help publishers fully monetize their online video content, today introduced a new ad format for online video advertising designed to enable video publishers to maximize revenue while protecting viewers from lengthy pre-roll video ads. The new format will also help online advertising networks sell lucrative video ad campaigns to clients without the need for building costly video infrastructure and employing unnecessary staff.

The new format from utilizes pre-roll title cards that are five-to- seven-second ad units appearing immediately before a video. They can be static HTML ads, rich media ads or short video ads. With these pre-roll title cards, ad networks and brand marketers can turn standard 300x250 ad creative units into high impact, highly responsive video pre-rolls with no additional creative development. Website publishers benefit by earning pre-roll video-like CPM rates for a short seven second-maximum ad unit that most viewers easily accept.

"Short, crisp pre-play display advertising inside video-centric content environments present attractive opportunities for advertisers to deliver high recall media messaging. Moreover, transition friendly, shorter creative expands inventory to include a growing library of 15-60-second content formats that exhibit high embed, link and replay rates," commented Paul A. Palumbo, research director with AccuStream Research.

"Needs of publishers to protect their viewers from 30-second pre-roll video ads and the needs of advertisers to transform their existing online ad campaigns into video have been at odds," said Amir Ashkenazi, CEO of "This new format represents a middle ground that we believe a great number of publishers and advertisers will be able to agree on."

Research firm eMarketer has forecast that advertisers will spend $505 million on online video this year in the US. This represents an increase of 55.9 percent over 2007 spending. Video advertising is estimated to comprise about ten percent (9.8 percent) of all online advertising spending within the next five years.*

eMarketer also projects that nearly 67 percent of US Internet users will view online video ads at least once a month in 2008 and 129.5 million people will watch online video ads in 2008. By 2013, an estimated 183 million people in the US will watch online videos.*

*Source: eMarketer, August 2008

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