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Guest Expert/Byline Contributions:

ReelSEO is open for byline articles/guest contributions from experts and thought leaders regarding the subject of online video.  We welcome the opportunity to learn from you and our readers will appreciate your expertise as well. As part of this, guest authors receive the following benefits:

  • Posts will appear with all ReelSEO posts (IE - not in a separate section)
  • Author positions themselves as a thought leader in the industry
  • Author and company will receive mention and 2 valuable links from ReelSEO within the Bio area, at the bottom of the post content.

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Please review our guidelines before you begin

  • If you are unsure of a topic, event, or person to cover, suggest it to ReelSEO first using the form below
  • All subject material must relate to online video, at least tangentially.
  • Preference shall be given to topics that demonstrate a connection with web video and the online marketing/advertising space.
  • Tips, case studies and educational information works best for our audience.
  • Editorials, research, and commentary must include and refer to actual source information.
  • Contributors cannot be with the company they are writing about, either as a directly employee, direct partner or PR company. Author can refer to company if providing a case study, but this must be used sparingly.
  • Authors should not write disparagingly about competitors in the space. Your submission should be vendor-neutral and aim instead to educate.
  • All article submissions must be unique and not contain any plagiarized, or previously published works.
  • Articles should be a minimum of 500 words. Our preference is between 700-1200 words, but longer is ok as well as long as it keeps our readers interested.
  • Articles should be properly written, with an intro (summary), body, and closing. They should NOT be stream-of-conscious notes.
  • Paragraphs should be within 2-5 sentences. Avoid run-on sentences.
  • The first paragraph should be a summary of the topic or event. Following paragraphs should include key points covered in the summary.
  • Quotes should be used sparingly, and not make up the bulk of the article. All quotes should clearly identify who they are coming from and in proper context.
  • You can include a video with your post. However, we do require a written post to accompany the video. You can summarize the points in the video but you will still need to follow the guidelines above.

For an example of a proper expert guest post – please refer to this article.

Press Releases & Announcements:

Please note that we only accept press releases that pertain to, or indirectly relate to online video, internet marketing, social media and search. Any other submissions will be ignored completely. Additionally, we strongly encourage you to send us press information in advance as we are less likely to cover a story that has already been released.