A Guide To Online High-Definition (HD) Movies

High-definition (HD) television is the hot new digital technology that is sweeping through cable television and computer displays alike. HD television refers to broadcasting signals with higher resolutions than more traditional broadcast format types such as PAL, NTSC, SECAM, etc. HD television, or HDTV, is broadcast digitally, providing picture quality that is similar to 35 mm. Select television stations have started offering HD broadcasts for certain channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports and HBO. In order to fully experience the true nature of an HD broadcast, you need an HD compatible television that has an aspect ratio of 16:9. (Traditional television screens have an aspect ratio of 4:3.

HD Online

Due to the fact that HD television is generated from a digital signal, it is only natural that the same HD technology would be available for personal computers through which HD movie files can be accessed. As with your television, to experience HD through your computer, you must have a monitor that has an aspect ratio of 16:9. MPEG-2 is the current file format for the compression of the HD data signal, so in order to be able to play back HD signals, your computer will require an MPEG-2 codec.

The MPEG-2 codec is currently being inserted into various types of media players that are downloaded and used throughout the Internet. One such media player, Windows Media Player 9.0, has the required HD codec built-in for use. In addition to having a monitor with the required aspect ratio, Microsoft also suggests that personal computer users wanting HD compatibility use a 3.0 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and a 128 MB video card.

DivX Online HD Movie Files

Started in 2000 and based in San Diego, California, DivX is a video technology company developing state-of-the-art video compression technologies. DivX online can be found at DivX.com where thousands of DivX videos are viewed everyday using the DivX player or DivX video compression codecs.

The DivX player can be downloaded for free via the DivX.com Web site, and is compatible with almost all video compression file types, allowing you to make DivX media player your one-stop-shop for media playback. DivX media player features include some of the following:

  • Supports advanced ATI video technology software.
  • Is compatible with all older DivX file types.
  • Available in various languages, catering to individuals across the globe.
  • Customizable interface allows you to choose the skin that best suits you.
  • Low CPU and memory requirements allow slower or older computers to share in the DivX media player experience.
  • The DivX media player is enhanced for HD playback

The DivX player is MPEG-2 compatible meaning that you can watch online HD movie files or videos through the DivX player. The DivX.com Web site has various types of online HD movie file types that you can stream, such as HD trailers for you favorite movies. DivX HD is stunning and vibrant, and allows you to get the full HD experience in your home without being fully HD capable. Log on to DivX.com today and download a slew of upcoming online HD movie trailers.

source: Broadbandinfo

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