Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites


Below I have listed 9 separate sources that you can utilize in order to automate the process of uploading your video to the various video sharing sites and video search engines. I wanted to have 10 top tools but I am only aware of 9. Many of these tools come with additional features such as the ability to track and report on traffic to your videos from the various video sources.

If you have used any of these tools in particular, please comment below to let us know about your experience. Thank you.

FREE Web-based Video Uploading tools:

Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video SitesTubeMogul is the hands down the best free tool to submit videos to multiple video sharing sites in one go. TubeMogul does a great job at syndicating your videos out to these video sharing sites with full support for Titles, Tags, and Descriptions and provides analytics for you to track your video views across all of these websites. I highly recommend this free tool.

Supported Video Sites Include:Metacafe, Veoh, MySpace, Yahoo, Revver, AOL Video, DailyMotion, Blip, and BrightCove.

Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

VidMetrix is a new online video service and tool which enables you to automatically upload your video file to all major video sharing website networks.

Supported Video Sites Include:
AOL Uncut, DailyMotion, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, Veoh, Youtube, & Yahoo Video.

Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

HeySpread is a FREE online tool that allows users to send videos to multiple video search and video sharing platforms all at once. Because you can upload the video at once onto all the networks they support, it saves time and bandwidth from the upload process. If you have ever tried to upload a large video file to all these sites, you will know what I mean.

Supported Video Sites, Dailymotion, Google Videos, Facebook, Metacafe, MySpace, Photobucket, Putfile, Revver, sevenload,, Veoh, Vsocial, Vimeo, Yahoo Videos, & YouTube.

Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

When you upload a video to Veoh, they automatically syndicate the video to YouTube, MySpace, and Google Video.

PAID Video Software for Uploading to Multiple Video Sites:

Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

VideoPostRobot is software for purchase - Only $1 to test-drive for 30 days.

Supported Video Sites Include:
AOL Uncut Videos, Youtube, Google Video, Bolt, Putfile, Metacafe, Yahoo Video, MSN Soapbox, Myspace Video, Revver, Livevideo , Stupidvideos, Break, Brightcove, Ebaumsworld, Grouper, Zippyvideos, IFilm, Veoh, Flurl, Blip.TV

Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

Video Upload Pro is paid software ($147) to submit your videos to multiple video sites including:

Supported Video Sites Include:
Atom Films,, BoFunk, Bolt, ClipShack, EvideoShare, Flurl, Google Video, Guba, Jumpcut, Live Video, Myspace Video, PutFile, Veoh, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, & Youtube.

Software To Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sites

TrafficGeyserdoes more than broadcast video to 35 video-sharing sites from what I understand. Its a comprehensive service that offers slidecasting, bonus royalty-free music packs, toll-free numbers to record podcasts or testimonials, video-to-audio conversion, broadcasting to podcast directories and social bookmarking sites. For anyone who wants these features from one service for a 97/m subscription, then TrafficGeyser is for them.

I looked everywhere for a list of these 35 sites… YouTube, Google Video, iFilm, Yahoo Video, Guba etc

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  • carole

    I don't want my videos to go to you tube or any other site. I only want to email it to friends without it going to the major web sites. Does anyone know of one? I just need to upload and then email out to friends.

  • carole posey

    I need a site to go to to upload some videos but do not want the videos to go to major web sites like you tube. Can anyone suggest a place I can go to?

  • tesa

    this list was very helpful, thank you very much

  • Jonathan

    very nice listing. I wonder about TubeMogul TOS, have you head of anyone having issues with content as it relates to their terms of service? They prohibit a LOT of stuff, MLM, work from home, spam, with broad definitions. I think some SEO techniques would technically run afoul of this TOS. Any feedback on that?

  • Darren Chow

    This is just what I'm looking for. Thanks for the post Mark. Bookmarked the page for future reference :)


    this is a great way to get traffic to your website. and you can include tags and keyword phrase's thank you abbanow

  • Mpb Today

    Between this helpful list and your list of video sites I am really liking your blog.
    This is spot on and oh I see you have updated the list...


  • Viruthagiri

    I tried tubemogul and it is great.

  • Simon

    Hi, thanks for this list, good stuff, but some of the free services are not free any more... Do you know of specific Mac (PPC G4 to be specific) compatible software? I found some good stuff but it's only for Intel Macs...
    Thanks, keep up the great work!

    • Mark Robertson

      I dont know of any that aren't web based... Sorry - certainly you've
      tried Tubemogul I imagine?

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  • Christa

    Thanks for your this useful information. I was looking for video submitting tool and your post was a great help. Because of your recommendation I signed up at TubeMogul and it is really easy to use.

  • me10000

    tubemogul is bogus, they disabled my account after i uploaded only one video, making excuses about  the quality wanted by the advertisers, i had not even had a chance to understand the sites full potential  and they locked me out, guess i will just have to create my own multipost software.

  • Luke Frohling

    Some of these don't work anymore, but it was great for a few years ago :)
    FYI: Update (major points only)-
    1) Vidmetrix - now only a tracking service
    2) Hey Spread- pay per upload
    3) VidMirror - now links to a personal site and further digging points it to a blog site (Google search)
    4) Video Post Robot - No longer offering their services.
    5) Video Upload Pro - No longer being offered (their payment links are dead)
    6) Tube Mogul and Traffic Geyser are still kicking along.
    Search Engine Domination
    SEO Through VidEO
    "Your Video, Your Future"

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