YouTube might try to wow you with the latest statistics, by bragging that "48 hours of video are uploaded every minute!" However, as a business owner or marketer, that statistic can be discouraging. How will your videos ever stand out from the rest? Will anyone care enough not only to watch you on video, but to take action as well?

If you are creating online videos with the goal of attracting more prospective customers or clients, your focus needs to be on conversion. Each and every video clip that you play on your website or upload to YouTube must have certain key factors that will help increase your conversion rate.

What It Takes to Convert Your Video Viewers Into Customers

So, what's the big secret to conversion-friendly Web videos? There's not just one secret to developing effective videos—there are nine!

  1. Focus on the viewer, not yourself. Want to know the quickest way to prompt someone to click off your video and move on to the next? Talk about yourself! Drone on and on about where you went to school, how great your company is, how many years you have in the industry and so on. Think about it logically – if you were at a cocktail party, would you spend your time talking with the person who is solely focused on himself? Of course you wouldn't!
  2. Answer common questions. Whether you own an auto repair business or are a restaurateur, you know the questions that are commonly asked by your customers. Develop video clips centered on these questions and you will be sure to have a captive audience.
  3. Illustrate to your viewers how you have been able to help others. If you have been able to assist someone by providing services or products, explain the situation in your video. People love to hear how others in their same circumstances have been able to find help.
  4. Make your video educational. Web video is your opportunity to position yourself as an expert. Each one of your videos should be educational and relevant to your target market. Think about the concerns and needs of your customer base and focus your videos on those areas.
  5. Pay attention to quality. There is the old adage, "don't judge a book by its cover." However, that is exactly what we all do. Your Web viewers most likely don't know you from Adam. If they click on your video and are presented with a low quality (and low budget) video clip, they are quickly going to form a judgment about you. That judgment probably won't be good!
  6. Smile while you are talking. It might feel unnatural and awkward, especially if you are talking about a serious topic, but smiling while you are talking comes across great on video. Smiling makes you more approachable and people will feel more comfortable contacting you.
  7. Provide short answers. When individuals are searching online, they are generally looking for quick information. This trend is especially true for Web video searches. Make sure you are providing short answers to questions. Keeping answers and sentences short is much more effective than rambling on about a topic.
  8. Include a call to action. What is your goal with your video? Do you want people to call you? Should they fill out an online contact form? Is there a book or report they should download? You know what actions you want your prospects to take; so don't be afraid to tell them. A call to action lets Web visitors know exactly what they should do after watching your video.
  9. Be yourself! Above all else, be yourself. Your personality must shine through in the video, as people will quickly feel like they know you.
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Videos Will Help You Boost Your Bottom Line

Online video is a great marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. If you have decided to take the leap into video marketing, congratulations! Just make sure your videos are converting viewers into customers, and you'll have all the business you can handle in no time!

  • Midori Connolly

    I disagree with #5. I do plenty of amateur, home-quality video and get rave reviews because I provide such useful information. The only viewers who ever comment about the quality are video production people.
    Frankly, above video quality, audio must be impeccable so the message is clearly delivered. As long as you follow all of your other super useful tips, #5 should be the last concern.

    • John David Foundas

      I do have a heavy production and marketing background and your comment is quite possibly the silliest thing I have ever heard. Your image is your brand.
      If you put out sh*t, you are sh*t. If its your baby, put the best clothes on it.
      Don't take the prom queen to McDonald's!

    • Midori Connolly

      John David Foundas Perfect - you just made my point!

  • Becky Stefansky

    Blatant self promotion here... I'll say it right out of the gate. lets you add CTA and apps like twitter feed, youtube playlists, pictures, coupons and QR codes to your video in minutes and for free! People who watch videos in Viewbix are about 20% likely to click on the CTA and 40% interact with an app.

  • Brian Massey

    Having just completed my first two videos for my up-coming book, I was grateful to have these nine reminders of what makes video convert. It's about time I started investing in video. The research and case studies I've read show that video is a powerhouse conversion tool, in almost all industries, B2B and B2C. Video isn't to boost your ego (although I like putting a little of myself in the footage). It has a job to do.

  • Shane Mc Guigan

    Thanks guys some really good tips!


  • Denise O’Berry

    Such common sense, but not common practice. Thanks so much for the reminder!

  • Gerry Oginski

    Once again, Tom and Jim have identified nine factors that are important when creating useful and captivating video.

    I like idea #6: Smile while you are talking. There's nothing like seeing a grumpy person on camera trying to tell you or sell you something.

    Idea #9 is critical: Be yourself. As Tom and Jim both know, you can't fake genuine. Viewers will see right through you. You've got to be "real" and genuine. Don't be someone you're not. It won't work.

    Thanks for a great post guys.

    Founder, Lawyers Video Studio

  • Mike Darnell

    Hi There Jim and Tom,

    Great list of tips and suggestions here!
    It's funny how in our quest for perfection and sophistication we all tend to very rapidly lose focus on the simple and easy-to-do things that account for most of the impact our videos actually have in the end.

    Although I come from a different sector ( is the leading vendor for automated product videos) I really identify with everything you wrote here.


  • Video Leads Online

    Great tips on how to do video aimed at customer's taking action. Thanks!