Aaron Wall’s 5 Video Search Optimization Tips

Aaron Wall of SEO Book (you likely know of Aaron if you have done anything in search engine optimization" has done a special guest post on O'Flaherty blog with some excellent tips about using video SEO.


"Six more bonus video optimization tips:

  • When in doubt, shorter with better clarity is typically better than comprehensive. And slower / calmer voice is better than quick speaking.
  • Annunciation matters. If you have trouble speaking clearly for long periods of time practice, and then record in smaller chunks.
    Buy a nice microphone with a pop filter. It is worth it. It makes everything you say more clear.
  • If you post to your site and YouTube try to use a different title on your blog such that you can try to rank for a wider net of keywords.
  • If you have the time to it may be worth submitting to Google Video, MetaCafe, and a couple of the other video sites. Some of them pass link weight and many of them have good authority."

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  • jsy1001

    Thank you Aaron for sharing such a great video.
    Very useful tips learned here.

  • http://www.bnbuzz.com/seo-process.html SEP Process

    Aaron, you're a proven SEO wizard. You always share useful resources, news and help tips for SEO. Many thanks!

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