If you have ever wondered how you might be able to use video for your business, I present you with 42 potential ideas below.  I was impressed when I saw this great post from Jimm Fox of OneMarketMedia. In it, Jimm outlines 42 different use cases for online video in business marketing and communication efforts.  I've briefly outlined the 42 that he came up with and while I think there are a select few that might be redundant, I'm hard pressed to think of many additional ones, can you?

Also, I'm not sure that I completely agree with or fully understand the popularity/growth indications for each of these, but I left them in as I feel that they are accurate in most cases.

Customer Reference Videos

1. Video Customer Testimonials (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

2. Video Success Stories (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

3. Video Case Study (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

4. Man-in-the-street Interviews(Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

5. Customer Presentations. (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Low)

Product and Service Promotions

6. Product Presentations (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

7. Product Demonstrations (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

8. Product Reviews (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

9. Visual Stories(Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

Corporate Videos

10. Corporate Overview (Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: moderate)

11. Executive Presentations (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

12. Staff Presentations (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

13. Corporate facilities or equipment tour (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Low)

Training and Support Videos

14. Training (Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: High)

15. Overnight expert videos (Sales Support) (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

16. Just-in-time learning(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

17. Post sale support and maintenance videos (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

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Internal Communications Videos

18. Internal Communications (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

19. Event/Conference and Trade Show Communications.(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

20. Employee orientation (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

21. Health, Legal & Safety (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

Advertising , Marketing  and Promotion

22. Commercials (Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: High)

23. Viral Video (Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: High)

24. Email Video(Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

25. Infomercials(Popularity: High  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

26. Content Marketing(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Huge)

27. Landing pages and micro sites (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: High)

PR Support and Community Relations

28. Video Press Releases (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

29. PR Support Materials(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

30. Community Relations Video (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

Event Video

31. Event Presentation video(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

32. Round table Sessions (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

33. Q&A Expert sessions. (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

Other Uses of Video

34. Recruitment Videos (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

35. VLOG (Popularity: Moderate  | Growth Potential: Low)

36. In Store Video(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: High)

37. Company Lobby / Waiting Room Video (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

38. Mobile Video (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Huge)

39. Market research, focus groups and polling (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

40. Website FAQ Video(Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Moderate)

41. Video White paper (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Low)

42. Video Magazine (Popularity: Low  | Growth Potential: Low)

You can read details for each of these 42 ways to use online video in Jimm's post here. Thanks for letting us share this with our readers.

  • Blu Steven

    Great resource, thanks Mark. We're all about helping folks make video economically and your work in the Video SEO field is really helpful in furthereing the cause. I'd like to include a link (with credit, of course) to this in my next blog http://blog.websitetelly.com Cheers.

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    As a video marketing guy I can appreciate good video content and you have it on your site. Thanks. Got some good ideas from the 42 ways to use video for business. Have a wonderful day

  • http://www.hugedomains.com/domain_profile.cfm?d=openhousehd&e=com frlane

    The one thing I see missing, but that deserves a mention is IYP video. Sites like YellowPages.com and YellowBook.com are pushing video like crazy, and I have personally seen those numbers skyrocket over the last year, despite the economic situation.

  • Shannon Ennis

    Salesperson profile, lead generation/conversion video.

  • http://www.shopwatchbuy.com/blog/using-video-to-grow-business/ Mitch Mitchell

    Thanks for the list, Mark, I've reposted it on my site, (with kudos to you and Jimm, of course). Another good addition to this list is what can be found in Meerman's "New Rules of PR and Marketing" and Seaman's "Dirty Secrets of Buzz".

    * If you take out all references to your specific company and specific product, is there any way that your customers can tell that it's YOUR product? If not, change out "fluff" like "New and improved", etc.

    * Make sure you fully understand what you *want* your video to say, and what it *really* says, if you want viral, take some chances, be bold and open to opposition, would you rather trust 100 "Five star" product reviews (could be paid reviewers, spam, etc.), or 100 product reviews with a range of answers?


    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      love it... Thanks Mitch

  • timdanyo

    Mark man! You just rocked the house with this post! Very cool to have a consolidated list for marketers to feast from. Good for us video producers as well :-) Curious... how did you come up with your rating system? Is this based off of some hard data or your personal experience?


    • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

      Hey Tim, Id love to take the credit but cant... Re-read the first paragraph ;-) (Its ok, I tend to skim things as well) Jimm from OneMarketMedia was the genius here but I thought it was worth summarizing. I wish I had thought of it... Thanks for reading Tim

      • Tim Danyo

        It was the attention grabbing bold font that glued me in past the first paragraph, but thanks still goes out to you for all of the great info you consistently provide at reelseo.

        • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

          Thanks Tim... I guess the bold font works :-)

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