This week I dug through the channels of over 3,000 YouTube subscribers to ReelSEO and identified a few common mistakes that being made that could help you all improve your videos and presence on YouTube. I also picked out a few of my favorite channels and am highlighting them for you guys today.



QUESTION: Would it be helpful to highlight video efforts of other ReelSEO subscribers?




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  • Sandi Moon

    What a fantastic phenomenal brilliant informative helpful site...

  • Mark Peters

    Great tips Tim. Great idea having regular reviews.

  • Nina Vucetic

    Great tips and I love the idea of having regular reviews! I'm in if you want to audit me... be kind...;) Thanks!

  • Joe Talentino

    I think it is a great idea to feature subscriber channels.

  • Antonio Centeno

    Tim - I enjoyed these reviews especially since the two musicians you highlighted have great music and appear to small enough that interacting with them isn't going to be too difficult. Perhaps if you could interact with them first so they could create a post that interacts with yours - that way you can introduce your subs to each other. Does that make sense?

    • Tim Schmoyer

      That's a good idea! I've done "channel swaps" before with people before using my own personal YouTube channel, but haven't with ReelSEO. I think for now I'll just plug the people I think are doing a good job just to be nice and expect nothing in return. :)

    • Tim Schmoyer

      Antonio Centeno Oh right, yeah. I thought you meant that I only promote them if they're going to mutually promote us.

    • Antonio Centeno

      Tim Schmoyer That's a good way to do it as well - my only concern is unless they have Google Alerts they might miss the coverage. So make sure to pass on a note that you did mention them as I know when someone mentions me I always like to promote to my audience as it is in a sense social proof that what I create has value.

  • ReelSEO via Facebook

    Yeah, probably not gonna go with 3 every time, just this one time. And thanks for sharing it! Totally appreciate that.

  • Joe Large via Facebook

    for some reason couldn't bring up comment section on your video today. Great info very helpful, sent to a buddy of mine. Don't know about selecting 3 every time but good idea.

  • GraphicDesignNY

    Inspirational and informative! I will be showing it to some of my students. Plaese lemme know what you think of their stuff. Any kind words of encorouragement would really get them excited!
    Student Work: