One of the things that video marketers can do to generate content for their channel, or web site, is to interview people in their industry or niche. In this week's Creator's Tip, we discuss how to do this effectively.

How To Conduct Great Video Interviews

A great way to establish some credibility for your YouTube channel, get some easy video content, and boost your video marketing efforts, is to interview others in your industry. But what should you interview them about? How should you reach out and setup the interview in the first place? Bryan Elliott has been interviewing influencers on his show, "Behind The Brand," and shares some tips and advice for doing interviews well. He gave us the following tips for conducting a great video interview.

3 Great Tips for Producing Compelling Video Interview Content

3 Great Tips for Producing Excellent Video Interviews video interviews #1 Some of the more high profile people are very hard to get a hold of, but social media can often break down the barriers to them. Use Twitter, Facebook etc to make those connections. Tenacity and humility when approaching big names will often get you far. Don't give up!

3 Great Tips for Producing Excellent Video Interviews video interviews #2 Sending questions to interviewees in advance can sometimes elicit canned responses. Obviously, you need to do your homework and be prepared, but allow for some spontaneity, because that often produces the very best results for both parties. Also, get personal! Brian was able to draw out some great answers from The Office star Rainn Wilson, by asking questions that other interviewers haven't:

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3 Great Tips for Producing Excellent Video Interviews video interviews #3 Identify your target audience and tailor the interview accordingly. For Brian, he wanted to know about the industry he was working in, and knew others felt the same way, so generated video content that would answer the questions he had, and that he knew others had too.

What advice and tips do you have for conducting interviews for your YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Adriana

    At we always say that an interview should be like a natural conversation and most important is that the interviewee is comfortable!

  • Michael Krisa

    Great Interview Tim but I would never hand over the mic to my guest. You lose control and look like a participant vs. the expert interviewer ... IMHO/

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