Three Online Video Ad Formats for The Future

I found a great article on the Industry Standard titled, "Three online video formats for the future"

In this article, Melissa Chang describes three video advertising formats that she believes will outlast the current dominant formats. Melissa suggests that the three following formats could work:

1) Lead generation for video
2) Interactive pre-rolls requiring user input on branding effectiveness
3) Clickable videos that integrate ads with content

Melissa begins the article with the following:

"The online video explosion shows no signs of slowing. In February, more than 10 billion videos were viewed online in the U.S. alone, and 72.8% of the Internet audience viewed an online video, according to Comscore.

Unsurprisingly, companies are doing everything that they can to reach this audience. Research groups such as eMarketer are predicting that online video spending will shortly be in the billions, and by 2011, almost 10% of all online advertising money will be dedicated to video advertising.

With this much money being spent, you would think that the creativity and variety of ads would be flourishing. But instead, the majority of today's video advertising is fairly rudimentary and comes in a number of often-criticized formats that piggy-back on existing advertising"

Read the rest of the article here

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