March 2013


The End of YouTube! YouTube's 2013 April Fool's Prank

Like clockwork, YouTube released an April Fool's video announcing "The end of YouTube," and that the site has just been an 8-year-long contest to find the best video. This entry has a ton of recognizable YouTube stars "hoping that they win" and being there for the YouTube relaunch in 2023.

Video Snippets Continue to Dominate Google Universal Search Results

Google Universal Search results have always looked very favourably on video content and a new report from our friends at Searchmetrics confirms that video content is still the best vertical to use. Oh, and (surprise) you have even more chance of appearing if that video is hosted on YouTube.

Vine's New Embed Capabilities About to Make it Grow A Little Bit More

Vine's been making waves trying to become a great video-sharing app. Today they introduced more embed capabilities for their video-sharing service, ones that will make it easier to share videos across the web on Facebook, Twitter, and regular ol' websites like this one.

Kids Do Awesome Things and Kissing Is Magic [Fun Video Friday]

Welcome to another Fun Video Friday, where we learn why we play games, how kissing is magic, what kids think about dating problems, and we watch a baby giraffe try to stand on its legs. I know, I can't believe we can observe all that stuff, either.

It Could Be You! OK Go and Saatchi Hunt For New Video Director

OK Go, arguably more famous for their innovative and ground breaking promo videos than their music, have teamed up with Saatchi & Saatchi to find an exciting new filmmaker to direct their next video. The winner is guaranteed massive exposure in this career changing competition.
youtube live

The YouTube Live Stream Tease: Game Developers Conference Causes Rumors

There are some whispers about the availability of YouTube Live Stream for everyone. No, no...we must settle down. Only people who already have it can use it, and it's merely improvements to the service as-is. Still, we'll discuss why this rumor took shape.

Somersby Cider Ad: Hilarious, But Does Low Definition Hurt Its Appeal?

Somersby Cider has made an excellent video spoofing the Apple Store. But does the fact that you can only watch it in 360p hurt its impact? There are a number of factors that go into how people watch video, and a slick, high-quality video isn't always mandatory.

Revision3 on Xbox 360 is a Perfect Match

Revision3 is now on Xbox 360, and considering the terrific Adam Sessler review of Bioshock Infinite on Rev3 Games, then Xbox 360 owners are in for some great content from the network. This app was built especially for the console and works with the Kinect.

Spiking YouTube Content with Google Trends [Creator's Tip #84]

There's a secret weapon out there when it comes to deciding what kind of content you want to make. Google Trends can tell you what is popular and when it's popular so you can decide how best to take advantage of those trending topics.