How Do YOU Market Video Online? Take the 2013 Video Marketing Survey

How Do YOU Market Video Online? Take the 2013 Video Marketing Survey

Marketing professionals have long understood the value of using video as an effective tool in their efforts to engage audiences with their digital marketing initiatives.  In the 2012 Online Video Marketing Survey Report, 81% of marketers indicated they used online video in their marketing programs.

More than two thirds of marketers (67%) posted online video to social media and social networking sites, and more than half (52%) used video in conjunction with email marketing, according to Q4 2011 survey results.  Not only that, but 64% of marketing professionals indicated they plan to increase their spending for technologies, platforms and services related to the use of video for business marketing programs in 2012.

How Do YOU Market Video Online? Take the 2013 Video Marketing Survey

Please Take Our 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey

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For 2013, the Web Video Marketing Council has teamed up with ReelSEO to field an even more in-depth study that examines how marketing professionals use video for their communications initiatives.  If you will take the time to participate, you'll receive a FREE copy of the 2013 Video Marketing Survey & Trends Report when it's published (a $199 value).

The 2013 Video Marketing Survey examines topics such as:

  • The types of video content organizations are producing for marketing, as website content, advertising campaigns and for other outbound programs
  • What video platforms and hosting services are being used
  • The proliferation of videos being shared across social media networks
  • Specific video optimization and SEO strategies used by marketers
  • Best practices for deploying digital video

If you are interested in sharing your opinions and experiences with video marketing or if you would like to receive a FREE copy of the 2013 Video Marketing Survey & Trends Report when it is published this summer, click below to provide your expertise and feedback.

The survey consists of 25 questions and should only take 5 to 7 minutes to complete.

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Thank you for your participation.  We’ll be sharing some of the key findings from the study here on ReelSEO and on the Web Video Marketing Council website later this year.

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