Top Ten Online Viral Video Ads of 2008

Top Ten Online Viral Video Ads of 2008Yesterday, The Feed Company released its list of the top ten online viral video ads for 2008.

"You have a lot of younger creatives at the ad agencies who have grown up on the Web who don't think in terms oftraditional60-second spots anymore. Our Top 10 shows that this new type of creative – less brand, more entertainment – is finding bigger and bigger audiences online." – said Josh Warner, President, Feed Company

Here's the criteria Feed Company used forselectingtheTop 10 Viral Video Ads of 2008.

  • Essential viability – all the picks from Levi's "Guys Backflip into Jeans" to brand Obama "Yes We Can" to are infinitely shareable and possessed incredibly high number of views, favoritism, and comments.
  • Centered around a big concept – all the picks were centered by simple, big creative concepts that were extremely well executed – traveling around the world to share a dance, a collage style music video inspired by Obama's acceptance speech following the New Hampshire primary, a ball girl scaling a baseball field wall to communicate Gatorade's re-hydrating powers
  • Breadth of executions – we wanted to reflect the breadth of executions that are finding big audiences online – from the "faux" viral – Bike Hero – to the controversial and highly stylized – Diesel- to the celebrity driven – Kobe Bryant.

And the winners are….. Drum roll please

1. "Where the Hell is Matt?”

Advertiser: Stride Gum | Ad Agency: Matt Harding

2. "Obama Yes We Can”Advertiser: NA | Ad Agency: will.i.a.m and Jesse Dylan

3. "Backflip Into Jeans”

Advertiser: Levi's | Ad Agency: Cutwater

4. "Ball Girl”

Advertiser: Gatorade | Ad Agency: Element 79

5. "Wario Land: Shake It!”

This one is really cool ;-)

Advertiser: Nintendo | Ad Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Top Ten Online Viral Video Ads of 2008

Top Ten Online Viral Video Ads of 2008Watch the rest below at FeedCompany

6. "Take It To The Next Level” – Advertiser: Nike | Ad Agency: 72andSunny

7. "Bike Hero” – Advertiser: Activision | Ad Agency: Droga5

8. "SFW XXX Party Invitation" – Advertiser: Diesel | Ad Agency: Viral Factory

9. "Kobe Jumps Over Car" – Advertiser: Nike | Ad Agency: Weiden + Kennedy

10. "Square Peg Round Hole” – Advertiser: Electronic Arts | Ad Agency: Weiden + Kennedy

Thanks to Josh from Feed Company for the great round-up.

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  • u2fan

    I think the best of the lot was the "Yes we Can" video. That was cool.

    The viral videos is an interesting phenomena...and the responses it draws as well. The Chris Crocker Leave Brittany alone, and then the retaliation by youtube user websentinels "Silenced: Chris crocker" where he offs chris hahaha.

    someone should write a book about it.