Best Professional Video Clips of 2007 Announced

Webcastr, a video website featuring professional video content from over 200 channel providers, today announced the winners of it's Videos of the Year awards. Webcastr's viewers, along with it's editors voted amongst over 2,500 professionally produced videos on the website to pick the best video clips of the year for 2007.

Thirty finalists were chosen by the staff of the webbery with the final clips being voted on during the last two weeks of December.

The winners are:

1) Heidi Loves Her Bazooms (Victoria Secret promo spot featuring supermodel Heidi Klum)

2) D*ck In A Box (The popular SNL skit featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samburg)

3) Led Zeppelin - Reunion Concert in the UK

4) Acting for the Greenscreen (a comedy sketch from Body of Art)

5) Bob Dylan - Cadillac Commercial

6) Britney Spears VMA Parody (featuring Chris Crocker from National

7) Don't Taze Me, Bro (from the John Kerry speech at Univ. of Florida)

8) Snoop Dogg in the UK (where the US rapper was hassled by Heathrow authorities)

9 The Chemical Bros. "Salmon Dance" (computer animated music video)

10) Bush vs. Miss North Carolina (a comedy mashup)

Honorable Mention:

SUV Driving Through a Shopping Mall  (video surveillance tape)

About WebCastr:

Unlike the majority of video sharing sites, Webcastr features clips that come from licensed sources of professional and semi-pro content.

"With so much of the user generated content out there being of questionable quality, we are happy to present these awards in recognition of the efforts of pro content creators who increasingly understand the value of the short form online video medium," said Webcastr CEO, Tim Devine.

Webcastr features video clip content covering the fields of news, sports, music video, comedy, celebrity coverage, film, gaming, technology, animation and informational content updated throughout the day from a variety of content providers. The site is the opposite of user generated video sites that rely mostly on uploads of amateur video content from their members.

"We feel there is a whole new world of professional and semi-pro video producers whose work may or may not fit into traditional broadcast television models. We created the site for an audience that wants a more sophisticated web video experience including not having to wade through hundreds of clips to find quality content on the web," says Devine.

The site currently has deals with nearly 200 different content providers including CBS News, MTV News, Daily Variety, FHM, Dow Jones, CelebTV,Automotive TV, Warner Music, Sony/BMG, TV Guide Broadband, the Green Energy Channel, the Space Channel, Cycling TV, Ford Models TV, Election TV, ShortBrain TV, Vanity Fair and many others.

Started in June of 2007 by former Sony Music exec, Tim Devine, Webcastr has seen it's audience grow around the world as well as enjoying a 1,500% viewership increase in it's ratings as determined by internet tracking service Alexa. "We now have viewers tuning in from over 150 countries." The site, still in beta phase, expects to go public by the end of next month.

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