17 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

17 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

Well, this week has flown by with only the two massive upgrade announcements from YouTube, an Emmy win for Netflix's online series 'House of Cards' and the news that CBS and Twitter are climbing into bed over video content. The long awaited second series of 'Mortal Kombat' hit YouTube, giving tired gamers something to watch while on a break from GTA V and Saturday Night Live went international. Welcome to the week that was in online video.

Machinima Go All Netflix And Release “Mortal Kombat” In One Push On YouTube

Machinima have released the much anticipated second season of the "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" web series onto YouTube all in one go, much to the delight of the 60+ Million gamers who watched the last series. The 10 new live action episodes, each lasting around 10 minutes, will also be available in French, Russian and Portuguese, among other languages. Machinima CEO Allen DeBevoise said their target audience of males aged 18 to 35 would respond well to the mass release. Warner Brothers, who co-own the rights to 'Mortal Kombat' along with Machinima are working on a movie without the gaming channel's involvement.

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Launches New YouTube Channel For Everyone But Americans

Saturday Night Live, that grande old dame of U.S. comedy has found a permanent home on YouTube, which is excellent unless you happen to reside in the States. How come? Well, the show has an exclusive licensing deal with Yahoo which prevents any (official) free online footage from being shown on American soil. U.S. residents can access around 5000 clips on Yahoo for a small fee though. Around 2,500 clips have already been uploaded to the new SNL YouTube site, with 2,000 more to follow. As the majority of the readers to this site are based in the U.S. it would be unnecessarily cruel of me to link to an SNL video on the new channel so here's an SNL Digital Short from The Lonely Island that everyone can watch and if you can't there's always *cough*vpn access*cough*.

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Disney To Netflix: Don't Get Too Comfortable With Our Deal

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney thinks it unlikely that Netflix will continue to dominate the VoD market because the barriers to entry for others are now so low. Speaking in NY on Tuesday Iger, whose company signed a distribution agreement in December 2012, said they would be more than willing to work with other online TV providers should the opportunity arise……

17 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

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Angry Birds ToonsTV Channel Hits 1 Billion Views

Rovio's ToonsTV, the YouTube Channel behind 'Angry Birds' (you know, the game everyone played before Candy Crush Saga) has passed 1 Billion total views and has announced it will start carrying third party content from Hasbro, The Jim Henson Company and National Geographic Kids. Rovio's CEO said

Given the size of our reach and our massively engaged audience, it seemed only natural to extend beyond our own storytelling and partner with the best content creators to bring our fans even more fun entertainment.

The app version of the game has around 263 million active players. Here's a taster of the super addictive birds vs pigs animated grudge match, at 3,628,024 views since June 2013. A new series of the show is due out in 2014.

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Google Glass goes to Gitmo, reporter uses it to blog mortuary built for war dead

Marijuana Legalization Group May Air Super Bowl Ad

Japan's Rakuten Launches Online Video Service Wuaki.tv in U.K.

BuzzFeed's Peak Video Hours Are the Same as TV's Prime-Time

PlayStation Access adds 90,000 YouTube subscribers in five months

Amazon Prime is the first subscription video service with an offline option, on Kindle HDX

Digital Video Ad Investment on the Rise in Australia

CBS Punches Up Twitter Deal For Branded Embeddable Video

‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 Or Movie Will Come To Netflix, ‘No Question’

Netflix says all users now have access to Super HD video

Netflix Sees Rates Of Tablet Video Streaming Triple In A Year, And Phone Streaming Double

You Can Get Paid to Be a Vine VJ Now

New SVoD service for UK kids to launch on iPad

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