16 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

16 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

YouTube pioneer Phil deFranco launches a new creative e-commerce channel in conjunction with Discovery, mobile ad revenue in the UK increases by 1260% in a year, Alloy Digital and Break Media merge, Comcast and Twitter bring us TV tweets, The Young Turk Network turn to Kickstarter to fund their own film studio and the Microsoft YouTube app saga drags on into yet another week. Welcome to the last seven days in online video news and gossip.

Phil DeFranco Launches New YouTube Channel For Discovery

Philip DeFranco is launching a new YouTube channel tomorrow, his first since selling his company to Discovery. ForHumanPeoples will offer videos that mix entertainment with e-commerce and will showcase creative talent in what DeFranco calls his "baby love pet project". Designers will be able to submit their ideas for new clothing lines and the best will be offered for sale via DeFranco’s merchandise site as well as being pushed via the new channel. The most popular designs will earn revenue from sales plus a $1,000 bonus.

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Mobile Video Ad Spend Increases 1,260% Over The Last 12 Months

Mobile video ad spend in the UK has increased 1,260% over the last 12 months and UK users spend an average of one in every 12 waking minutes each day online. The share that video has in the online and mobile display space now stands at 18% and budget spend on video has increased by 487% over the last 3 years.

16 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

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Alloy Digital, Break Media Merge to Form Internet Video Studio

Alloy Digital, the MCN behind SMOSH are teaming up with Break Media to form a new internet video company aimed at creating content for the 12 to 34 year old demographic. Between them, the two companies have a reach of over 165 million unique users a month and a combined income of $100 million in annual revenue. The merge will create some job losses at both companies but a figure hasn't been announced.

16 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

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Russia's Search Engine Yandex Working on Video Control System

Streaming Video Devices to Hit 8 Billion by 2017

Microsoft rolls over for Google, reverts to web player for YouTube on Windows Phone

OTT video watched by 75% of young adults with connected TVs

The Young Turks Want $250,000 To Build Their Own Studio 

Instagram no longer lets users disable video autoplay, a small but important step towards ads

BBC Radio 1 to launch iPlayer video channel

The Dutch Online Video Landscape

AMC Networks Invests in YouTube Network DanceOn

YouTube beats Facebook and Google to become top youth brand

Top 10 Video, Multimedia Websites for September 2013

Netflix takes first steps towards original content in Brazil

Comcast and Twitter partnership will let you change the channel from a tweet

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