What Is This 144p Stuff, YouTube?

It seems a little counter-intuitive I suppose, but YouTube has just introduced a low 144p resolution into certain videos in the past few days.  Perhaps it's because of reports like this, and infographics like this, where buffering time has been a major thorn in the side of the overall financial picture for video.  Truly, 144p is an absolute "last resort" when it comes to watching video, or a first resort for those who have slow internet connection speeds.  It looks pretty awful in a world used to watching things in HD, but it also looks pretty awful to people who watched video online in 1999.  But, there are those in the world not fortunate enough to be able to play high-quality streams, and this is for them.

The 144p Introduction to YouTube

When I started reading about this, I couldn't find a clip right away.  Remember, it's not for every video yet.  But then I found it on Epic Meal Time:

What Is This 144p Stuff, YouTube? 144p 300x300

When I switched it over, it looked like this:

What Is This 144p Stuff, YouTube? after144p 300x300

And, it had no sound.  I'm not sure if that's supposed to be the norm, or it's a mistake, or what.  But for this video, that's what I got.

This blog reported on the change with an Amy Winehouse video on display.  That video had sound.

There's no doubt this is a way for YouTube to reach more people.  Most of us will never go to this resolution, but there is probably a good amount of people who could use something like this: something is better than nothing.

  • Ayham Wazir

    the 144p resolution is actually useful when i want to download the videos where the quality of picture isn't important, specially to save some megabytes from the monthly mobile internet package.

  • Dieter Moreno

    broadband speeds even suck in the Chicago suburbs. Your only option faster than DSL in the Chicago suburbs if you don't want to pay for cable TV or UVERSE TV is Clear, and Clear is shutting down in 2015 to give their spectrum away to fleece Sprint smart phone users.

  • Dieter Moreno

    Some people only need the audio, like streaming an albumn. As far as i know, the audio quality streaming in 140p is the same as streaming in 480p. Even in the Chicago suburbs, this is great for streaming albumns with less buffering on DSL when I'm at someone's house that has DSL during peak times and when many devices are connected to WiFi.

    Though at my house I stream the whole albumn in 720p for higher audio quality on Clear WiMax!

    Its a shame that Sprint bought out Clear, so then if we don't want cable TV or UVERSE TV we might have to go back to DSL waiting 30 seconds to buffer 360p :(

  • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

    What do you mean? Broadband speeds?

  • Nishan

    Its better for us to have a 144p videos. We can still view the video with our low-speed connections. This feature is very helpful. If anyone wants, they can change to hi-res anytime with the options provided.

  • nik

    Thank you Youtube! 144p is great for me! I can no watching Youtube videos!

  • ZenTsu

    You have to be kidding, who are you to judge people just because they use 144p? Sure, 240p seemed to be enough for those with low internet speed overall but honestly I say thank you to YT/Google for thinking of the littlest man who either can't afford kickass stream 1080p and download tons of games off Steam at the same time, or has a ton of internet using family. I don't know you but to me that's just asinine.

  • Max Franchot

    I live in a third world country (I'm from europe though) and this is the quality I use to stream music :p I watch videos on 240p usually.

  • Vincent Vahsen

    This is what it turns to every 2 minutes after it had been introduced...
    I have 100mb internet, and every time it buffers, youtube sais: oh, your internet connection must be slow... Let me help you by disabeling all resolutions above 360p...
    2words youtube: FUCK. YOU.

  • Iamanotheryourself

    I used 240p all the time when needing network bandwidth priority for other tasks, and wanting to only listen to the Youtube audio, not the video. I will use the new 144p setting for the same purposes.

  • James Michael Wendler

    A lot of people in rural areas here in the states do. There's just not the infrastrutcure out there for them to get anything approaching broadband, not even DSL. I work in a public library. I see it every day, the folks who come in from the country to check theor email and/or Facebook because their options for internet at home consist of either dialup or nothing.

  • Hugh. G Rection

    Or if you're on 3G with a cap. or Sat Internet with same. If you like it you can download it for later at a higher resolution.

  • nitrocell

    If 240p is bad, 144p is unwatchable, damn we are in 2013 not in 1991 viewing a DOS game presentation, who still uses 56k modems?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1812530089 Tariq Mehmood

    Thanks for you tube for lowering it to 144. Youtube is a great thing,
    you can learn a lot on this. and its great thing for people living in
    developing countries..a special treat..now they don't need to wait for
    buffering...I even like youtube radio...(only audio)

  • [anonymous]

    I noticed YouTube videos with the new quality feature load a different way (even without 144p). Normally you can pause a video and let it buffer in advance, but this the videos I have been watching, you must play the video for it to buffer. This is horrible because my connection requires me to set my YouTubes to 240p, pause the video, and count to at least 30 if I want to get a decent playback. Now I almost have to use 144p when it is available. The worst part is that my Internet provider promises 54mbps speeds (SpeedTest net says otherwise).

  • Vinster Racker

    So I guess people in rural areas with just diaal-up internet can enjoy YouTube too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/demiheng Demi Heng

    I have friends in poorer countries, and their internet connection are EXTREMLY slow, even in 240p it takes quite some time load I guess 144p could work for them

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001261320302 Curtis Ling

    i have 1080p

  • Vivek

    I think it's a great idea. The video is still watchable at that resolution, and it'll allow those who aren't able to get the faster internet speeds and bandwidth, in developing countries, or areas where the internet connectivity is limited, and allow them to have the same access to content as everybody else.

  • mr.slow

    Yea I'm so happy for this I can finally watch Youtube :)

  • Cpt. Ahab

    why complain if you have more options? great use would be on a mobile browser, or listening to an audiobook or some shit.

  • http://www.reelseo.com/ Mark Robertson

    I'm actually wondering if this is in preparation for Google Glass... Would make sense to have it be small and lightweight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffhalstad Jeff Halstad

    I saw this back in February, but with more options. I had never seen it before so i took a screenshot. http://instagram.com/p/V9XGGlQTnZ/

  • 12345R4

    I think it is in most of EpicMealTime videos.

  • kakerot5

    I think this combined with youtube's html5 mode is the best combo for people stuck in the 1990's.