13 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

13 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

As ever it's been an eventful week in online video with YouTube taking everyone a little by surprise by announcing new offline viewing capability for mobile apps and Vevo surprising no one by refusing to be any part of it. Vimeo have already introduced instant offline playback in conjunction with the iOS 7 upgrade and everyone is going crazy for the new iPhone 5S slo mo feature. We also learnt that 42% of Xboxers use their console to watch around one hour of online video a day and YouTube are tweaking their design interface yet again. Let's see what else has been happening.

iPhone 5S Slo Mo Feature Guarantees Endless New Footage For YouTube

Soooo, the iPhone 5S was released this week and, as it can shoot at 120 frames per second, it can play back that footage in super sweet slow motion. We like this example, filmed trackside at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend (why are some of those spectators STILL filming in portrait mode grrrrrr).

Dollar Shave Club Founder: Paid Media Just As Important As Viral Video

Although, 'Our Blades Are F*cking Great' is one of the THE most successful viral videos of all time and has turned Dollar Shave Club into a very viable brand with around 300,000 active customers, paid media rather than earned is the focus for founder Michael Dubin right now. Even though his first video, made for just $4,500, racked up an impressive 11.3 Million views and is still attracting an incredible amount of engagement, Dubin believes that significant investment in advertising (including TV) is going to give the best ROI for the company although long terms goals see organic results on an equal footing.

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Vimeo Will Go To Trial Over Music Copyright Infringement

Vimeo are going to have to face a 2009 lawsuit that accuses them of copying and distributing recordings by The Beatles, Daft Punk and The Beach Boys amongst others. Although the site insists that it was covered by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a New York Federal judge has ruled that Capitol records and other music labels have a case and this will be going to trial.

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Vimeo Adds New Features to Mobile App Following iOS Update

More positive news for Vimeo now. Following Apple's new iOS 7 rollout, and YouTube's announcement that offline viewing would be coming to their mobile apps, Vimeo have upgraded a tonne of features to match those of YouTube and to capitalise on Apple's slick new operating system. New gubbins include faster video uploads, instant video playback while offline and autoplay thumbnails.

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Netflix Users Love To Binge Watch Favourite Shows

In what should be a shock to absolutely nobody, a new report from Nielsen confirms that most of us are complete bingers when it comes to watching streamed VoD content, especially on Netflix. 88% of users of that service admit to watching three or more episodes of the same show in one sitting. 58% of those polled said they 'stockpile' shows from their favourite series to watch in one go.

13 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

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