12 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

12 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

Just the one big announcement from YouTube this week then, for its new Music Awards. Elsewhere, Vevo are launching in Germany, GoPro unveiled a smaller, better camera, Chromecast added Hulu and a woman quit her job and danced about it and the company she quit from answered with their own dancing video – both of which have now gone viral. Welcome to the world of online video for the past 7 days.

Just How Effective Is the YouTube Algorithm For Punishing Fake Views?

Interesting story from the team over at Daily Dot who deliberately set out to game the YouTube algorithm by purchasing 60,000 views on one particular video. In a test to find out just how much YouTube would tolerate being gamed, they spent $500 on views and were pretty open with YouTube about what was happening. Although a takedown was threatened it didn't happen – and all clues point to the fact that the video wasn't monetized. But even then, the set up of Adsense against the video didn't trip any filters and it took 5 months and 500,000 views for YouTube to finally take the video down……

12 Things You May Have Missed In Online Video This Week

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Robots Take Over The World – Starting With Video News Content

Video content for a news or current affairs site is becoming an increasing requirement for viewers and platforms like Taboola offer publishers an easy way to pull that external video content through for their readers. Now a new start up, Israel based Wochit, is streamlining the process even further by offering a unique service that captures images, film footage and voice-overs and turns it, with the use of some robot like software, into a video story that can be uploaded to the publishers site, as well as YouTube and other news portals, in a matter of minutes. Here's an example of a 21 second video created from an AP story with images from Getty & Reuters and a voice-over by Wochit. It's not going to win any awards but it's effective and gets the message over quickly and succinctly.

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Spin: Making Those Video Chats A Little Less Awkward

Get me started on one of my favourite topics (Japanese monsters, George Orwell, cupcake flavours) and I will literally talk for hours and hours about them, make me do it in front of a video camera and I shut right down like the proverbial awkward penguin. Obviously I'm not the only one (right?) and a new app to market, Spin, promises to make the video chat experience a little less painful for those who really do want to see who they're talking to, and who want to be seen back. How is it different from FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts? Spin aims to make the whole process more inclusive by allowing you to zoom out of the video screen and drag and drop other videos, photos and images with the person you're chatting to. You can also invite others into the call, watch the same online shows and do some very silly stuff like doodle to each other. The makers of the free app, Net Power & Light say they "really want people to emotionally be together and to be entangled in each other’s lives”  and wanted a way to facilitate that.

Here's a video from Robert Scoble that demonstrates the app in detail. Spin can be downloaded now from iTunes (although I'm not seeing it in the UK yet). iOS only for now too.

Read More at: TheVerge


GoPro debuts smaller, more wearable cameras with improved optics

Comcast Expands CBS Deal for VOD, Online Streaming Rights

Vast Majority of Mobile Video Ads Last 30 Seconds or Longer

Chromecast Adds Hulu to Its Modest App Collection

Highlights From the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival

Viral Video Maker Quits Job … via Viral Video

Company Reacts to Woman Who Quit With Dance Video of Its Own

Music video site VEVO launches in Germany

Netflix brings HD video and AirPlay streaming to iPhone, iPad

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