As you know, YouTube has a new commenting system that is now fully integrated with Google+. It's gone down like a lead balloon with users of the site but we're going to take an objective overview of the new system and some of its features as well as confirming just what has disappeared in the upgrade. The whole new way of commenting on YouTube has been a controversial move but we'll show you 11 of the ways YouTube has changed the way we discuss videos and interact with other users. We also confirm a few of the things that have gone for good.

YouTube Comments: 11 New Features You Need To Know

1.You can mention people who are in your Google+ circles in your comments. This is a great way to bring them into the discussion or alert them to a video. If you tag someone in a YouTube comment, you now have the ability to confirm which circle you put them in on Google+. This is really helpful if you have a lot of people in circles and is particularly good for bringing in users from your Top Fans circle.

2. You can now have private threaded conversations in the comments section. This is really useful if you want have a discussion about a video but you don't want to make that public. You can tag the people you want to involve and make the conversation private.

11 Key Features In YouTubes Google+ Comments Integration youtube private comments 750x425

3. The character limit has disappeared! YouTube used to restrict your comments to 500 characters or less but the limit has been lifted and you can now make a comment as long you like.

4. YouTube comments and Google+ comments are now completely in synch with each other. In fact, it's not just the comments, it's anything that you +1. If you like a video on YouTube that will show up on Google+ and if you +1 a comment on Google+ that will show up on YouTube.

5. Users now have full moderation control both on individul videos as well as at Channel level. You can now remove a whole comment thread or ban a user, or mute them or report them for abuse. Remember, because everything is in sync now, if a comment is removed from YouTube it will also disappear from Google+ and vice versa.

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6. You can now edit your comments. This is an awesome new feature which allows you to clean up typos or change the comment you made for whatever reason.

7. You can now include links in your comments. These can be links to websites, other videos or other channels. While this might seem like a wide open door to spammers.....

8. The 'Top Comments' feature pushes the most relevant comments to the top of the stream (pushing spammy posts down). The comments that users are more likely to see, because they are just under the actual video, are sorted algorithmically by social proximity, relevancy etc and by freshness. So, they are not going to be dominated by friends or people you have in your circles - if a legitimate user makes an interesting and relevant point then it should show up in your top comments section.

9. Comments now come with formatting which means you can italicize sections of your comment or highlight certain words in bold.

10. Your YouTube notifications are now grouped in with your Google+ notifications - you can adjust the settings if you are getting hammered.

11 Key Features In YouTubes Google+ Comments Integration youtube notifications

11. Comments made in a different language to the one of your channel can now be translated. This will allow you to develop conversations with users that the language barrier has always prevented.

What's Missing With The New Comments System

Since the roll out, users cannot reply to comments made before the upgrade, neither can they moderate them. Also, comments made prior to last week cannot be shared via your YouTube Channel feed but this may be a bug? Another thing that's gone is the amount of information we used to get on the hover cards.

Let us know what you think about the new system and its features below.

  • darkangelights

    Facebook added a way to post pics in the comments to enhance it

  • darkangelights

    I wanna post pics and gifs in the youtube comments.

  • KT

    What in the world IS "muting" of a comment?

  • AnnJoyViewster

    "If you like a video on YouTube that will show up on Google+" - what if I don't want it to show up on Google+?

  • New Twit In Town

    Love it!

  • infrequentLurker

    As someone who objects to joining the facebook age on general principle, this update, despite its overall less than stellar new comment features, does nothing for me. I may not have commented often, my comments may have not been read, they may not have been as amusing as I hoped, or as helpful as I thought. They were mine, though. Mine. This update removes them from me entirely. For this, I cannot forgive Google for this update. No volume of lackluster features or abysmally backfiring spam/trolling reduction, nor any number of band-aids hurriedly slapped on to try to fix the failures, is going to make me warm up to it. I have not joined, nor will I join, any Facebook-like site, Google+ included. Anyone that wants to try to tell me otherwise can die alone and unloved.

    • darkangelights

      youtube is social site.

  • Justin Solowoniuk

    God you whiny fucking people disgust me. You don't pay for the service of youtube OR google, so who the fuck are you to tell them how to run shit? I don't really like the new comment system either but you know what's way worse? The bitch orgy and bob spamming going on all over youtube now. That shit is 100x worse than this new comment system.

    • Mark Robertson

      Amen ;-)

    • trlkly

      We pay through advertizing. Not that being free means you can't complain. If I through free burning dog poop on your lawn, could I tell you not to complain?

      At least those people were actually proactive and were trying to do something about something they disliked.

  • Olaf2

    2. You can now have private threaded conversations in the comments section.

    == And private conversations kills off any comments in the video clip section losing tons of views. One if the reason why some clips had so many views was that people refreshed the clip for many hours in a row because they were in a heated discussion. less views, means less ads and less income for google.

    4. YouTube comments and Google+ comments are now completely in synch with each other.

    == Yeah right I am going to respond on a youtube clips about being
    transgende too and my family and boss can happy read the comment that I
    thought was only posted on Youtube.

    == Or you open
    your Google+ account, see this comment of your child where he is
    writing that he is gay too but is afraid to tell their friends or

    == Heated Youtube comments always ended up with words like "fuck you,". This is so nice that this last comment you wrote ends up into your Google+ account for all your family, friends and boss to see how nasty you are.

    6. You can now edit your comments.
    == Yeah you can call someone a bastard and insult them, and later modify the insult to pretend that you are just an innocent angel.

    7. You can now include links in your comments.
    == This is wonderful for spammers and visusses.

    8. The 'Top Comments' feature pushes the most relevant comments to the top of the stream (pushing spammy posts down).
    == You are so wrong in this. If I start with something nasty, then tons of people will reply and my nasty comments get on top. This is a trolls haven .

    10. Your YouTube notifications are now grouped in with your Google+ notifications

    == Making it useless for interaction with your audience. Killing this interaction kills off content makers

    • New Twit In Town

      You can still use pseudonyms. I use that when I want to.

  • Sammy Fox

    1.You can mention people who are in your Google+ circles in your comments.
    If I want to "alert them" to a video, I'll go on whatever im client I'm connected to that they are on and I will link them to the video.

    2. You can now have private threaded conversations in the comments section.
    If I want that I'll do the same as in number 1

    3. The character limit has disappeared!
    If I needed more space for a comment (which I never needed), I'd simply cut off my comment and finish it in a second one.

    4. YouTube comments and Google+ comments are now completely in synch with each other.
    That's useless seeing how almost nobody uses google+

    5. Users now have full moderation control both on individul videos as well as at Channel level.
    Spell it out with me: C-E-N-S-O-R-S-H-I-P

    6. You can now edit your comments.
    That could've been done without google+

    7. You can now include links in your comments.
    That could've been done without google+

    8. The 'Top Comments' feature pushes the most relevant comments to the top of the stream (pushing spammy posts down).
    The way this actually works is that the "top comments" are detected as those having the most replies regardless of quality, so what happens in reality is that spammers and scammers make multiple fake accounts just to reply to each other and drive their spam and viruses and friends to the top comments.

    9. Comments now come with formatting
    We never needed that.

    10. Your YouTube notifications are now grouped in with your Google+ notifications
    Yeah, I don't have a google+ account. I'm not like the 7 or so morons who willingly created a google+ account because facebook just wasn't enough for them. So that's a useless feature.

    How the fuck could you call that an objective overview of the new system? You never mentioned that people can now basically censor dissent (aka people saying racist and sexist and homophobic stuff amongst others can now block people from disagreeing with them), or that the formatting and unlimited length are practically begging for trolls to do their thing and that allowing urls without any checks makes it even easier for people to get scammed and/or infected with viruses, or how stupidly easy it is for those guys to exploit their comments to the top comments which includes all of the stuff you mentioned that isn't useless (aka everything that isn't tied to a google+ account).

    The thing that pisses off people so much isn't that google tried to make commenting more civilized (even though they clearly will never succeed as long as the internet exists) but rather that they're being forced into an unpopular, failing social network that most people don't give a shit about. I for one don't give a shit about google+, I don't even have a facebook account!

    So next time you're gonna write an article claiming to be objective, don't forget that being objective doesn't mean "kiss the product's ass".

    • Felix Ray

      5. I hate the changes as much as anything, but when you moderate your own channel, it's called E-D-I-T-I-N-G.

    • darkangelights

      Youtube is social.

  • Mark Robertson

    I'm soo confused by you and alfcab. How is anyone forced to do anything? Youtube is a free platform and the internet is a democracy. If they screw up bad enough, people will just stop using them... and that's where my confusion comes in. You don't have to use YouTube. If it's soo bad, why continue to fight the machine and not just move on to a different machine?

    • Sammy Fox

      There are many of us who in fact NEED to use youtube as we get money from people watching our videos. Why, should I go to some no-name site and then derp and think "I'm gonna make as much money there!"?

      • Mark Robertson

        I think you just proved my point.

        • Felix Ray

          The point being: don't get in business with Google, they'll change the terms of the agreement, and you won't have anything to say about it.

          My advice is: If you leave, leave completely. Any Google accounts you have will be used to feed the Google + Monster. After seven years, it's going to be a big undertaking. My goal is to be out of Google by the end of March.

          They lied to us. I got a lovely bridge to sell anyone who thinks this has anything to do with trolls. They could have let us block the trolls. We have the technology.

          Facebook has always had a real name only policy. They don't have a troll problem; they have a bully problem. When fake names are outlawed, only outlaws have fake names.

        • Joe

          I think you have brain damage.

        • trlkly

          You said you were confused about how people could be forced to use YouTube. He gave you an answer: because, for small time producers, it's pretty much the only way to make money off of Internet video. He proved nothing but the fact that your confusion was from ignorance.

          And this little glib comment cost your entire site any ad money from me. Just like I adblock YouTube and Google. Why avoid the site when you can use it while also costing them money?

    • Olaf2

      People that fight back are actually the very people that have invested in tons of videos on Youtube. It is not very easy if you have 100s of video's to move to another platform.

      And it is not only the video's that are important. The interaction with the viewers through the comments section was vital. People still respond on clips that are years old. The comments in the comments section is as important as the clip itself. Moving to another platform means losing these comments.

      • darkangelights

        Other video sites have comment sections.

    • Obey xSW

      can you tell me how i can reply to comments? it doesnt work for me, there is no reply button

  • alfcab

    Sorry Tim, but you sound like you're on the Google payroll. There is NOTHING to celebrate. Everything you list as a positive is something most of us can live without. If I want to share shit with people on FB, including YT vids, I'll do that. I don;t need to be forced into a social networking situation I don't want.

    • Greg Miernicki

      Counter his arguments one by one or you are a mindless sheep following the orders of your tank commenting mind controllers. SHEEP!

      • alfcab

        Troll reply. Pathetic.

        • Greg Miernicki

          I agree... you were trolling. Glad you realized it yourself. You can't just outright say everything in an article is wrong. Be more specific or you are indeed trolling.

        • trlkly

          Neither of you seem to know what trolling is. It's posting just for the reaction. It doesn't mean just being mean.

          And your first response didn't address the other guy's point, either. The pot shouldn't call the kettle black.

    • darkangelights

      You must not know youtube is social.

  • Hank Oswald

    i really hope google do something instead of sitting at their office eating money...

  • Lindsey Carrasco

    Thanks for posting! This was a really helpful overview to the new comment system.

  • Gary Ploski

    I would have given the vid a thumbs up while watching but had to go to YouTube to do it. Something to look into changing in your embeds?

    • Mark Robertson

      alright, good point ;-)

      • Mark Robertson

        changed Gary ;-)

  • Stb Hernández

    No BlackList feature mention?

  • Geo

    Nice try, but absurd. You give it away in #5 above when you say, "Remember, because everything is in sync now..." That's what THEY want; it's not what WE want.

    I have multiple YT accounts for a valid reason, business vs hobby, and I've seen the progression: First they wanted your real name, then you needed an email address for each YT account, and now the Google+ thing is a total disaster. It starts to get tricky when jumping from one acct to the other because you
    may be logged in on the Google homepage as something else (and I don't
    even have Gmail, thank god). If you're not careful with some of the new
    pop up screens telling you to link everything, you'll wind up with a
    Google+ plus acct AND A NEW RANDOM ASSIGNED YT USER NAME so you have to go into Google+ and find that just to get back into YT. That's
    happening all over, check online, happened to me in fact... Clearly what
    they want is 1 identity, 1 email, 1 account for everything. They can
    probably do it through your IP address, and probably will...

    All the above stuff, bold fonts, etc., means nothing. This is about one company taking over the world, making you do whatever they please - privacy, integrity, and customer convenience be damned.

  • hansende

    People are signing up to Google+ using their real names so not much is different. Also simplicity has been replaced by confusion.

  • Hank Oswald

    the spam and trolling now is unberable

    • Stb Hernández

      Use the blacklist feature.

      • Olaf2

        The blacklist feature sucks it is not going to prevent pissed off Bobs.

        Look at the Google+ account, they had to shut down the comments and ratings section because they could not filter it themselves.

        Look at their other clip where they did not shut down the comments section. Google+ themselves are unable to shield themselves from trolls, spam and Bobs.