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    Video and the sales funnel

    Online Video: How Consumers Use Resources to Research and Buy

    Google's 'Consumer Barometer' gives video marketing teams an insight into how shoppers are using the Internet and video to research, review, compare, and purchase goods and services across the world. With data in 10 product categories across 45 countries, it's a resource all marketers should be using to create campaigns around a target audience.



    Three Ways to Grow a YouTube Audience Who Love You [Ownage Pranks Case Study]

    Ownage Pranks is a hugely successful YouTube channel with 3.3 million subscribers, but it wanted to learn more about growing its subscriber base even further to attract more ad revenue. The creators behind the prank-based channel turned to an agency for advice, and all video creators can benefit from the programming and optimization strategy tips.
    vine compilations taking off on facebook

    Why Vine Compilations are Killing it on Facebook

    Vine is the third most popular video platform in terms of views, but the micro-videos are also a huge hit on Facebook, as Vine aggregator pages upload the 6 second videos to their own fans.

    The Most-Popular Instagram Video Creators: July 2015 Leaderboard

    Instagram remains one of the most important and relevant platforms to upload video content. But which creators are generating the most views on the site? We bring you right up-to-date with last month's most watched Instagram Video Creators Leaderboard.

    The Top Facebook Video Creators: July 2015 Most-Popular

    Buzzfeed Video + BuzzFeed Food, Tastemade, and Cupcake Addiction were some of the most watched brands on Facebook for video content in July 2015. Take a look at the brand new Tubular Leaderboard for top Facebook creators for more information.

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